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Loose Id
November 2008

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Loose Id

Partners in Quinn Security, there isn't anything Canin Quinn and Kasey Jordan won't do for the good of the company. Anything.

The job: Catch a serial rapist before he attacks again.

The plan: Go undercover in a sex club, the source of the attacks…posing as husband and wife.

Canin and Kasey spend a lot of their time exchanging sharp-tongued jabs. At the same time, Canin has been nursing a simmering attraction for the tough-as-nails, secretive Kasey. By moving into her apartment as part of their cover, Canin will take this gift-wrapped opportunity to change their friendship to something much more intimate.

Kasey has her reasons for keeping Canin at arms length, knowing that he could never accept her as a partner if he understood her most private needs. Working undercover together will test her ability to keep her secrets safe from the man whose respect she craves more than anything else in her life.

The sex club opens a world of bondage and voyeurism, as well as a host of other fetishes...and reveals secrets that neither of them ever thought they would share with another soul. This job will expose them to their ultimate kinks.


“…Cameron Dane has a deft touch weaving together a compelling story and erotic romance, and The Ultimate Kink is no exception…here’s something I don’t usually put in a review: this story is hot. We’re talking keep a fan and a bowl of ice handy at all times hot. Push you out of your comfort zone hot, even…But it is not just the reader who Ms. Dane pushes – it is her characters as well. She has developed them in a manner that makes them both very human and sympathetic…And just as the reader has perhaps gotten comfortable with this adventurous sex, they are confronted with the namesake of the book: the ultimate kink. Suffice to say that it’s an eye opener…one that the reader will most likely appreciate.”
--BD Whitney, from Book Wenches reviews


“…I enjoyed this story from the first chapter. The verbal banter between Kasey and Canin was at times humorous and fun, but at other times it was somewhat emotional…a well written, spicy story that anyone who likes it really hot will love. I look forward to more from this great series and hope that Nate gets his own story, he definitely deserves it.”
--Sandra, from The Romance Studio


“…The Ultimate Kink is Ms. Cameron Dane’s second release in the Quinn Security series…Ms. Dane has done an exceptional job bringing focus on hard-hitting subjects in this story while staying away from making any of the characters into gloomy miserable people who don’t find enjoyment in life. Kasey, more so than Canin, has a great deal to overcome, but her accomplishments in life speak for themselves. The supporting cast as always brings this story together, and I’m hoping Kasey’s brother Nate will find love and happiness. I’m sure both fans and new readers of Ms. Dane’s work will find The Ultimate Kink an excellent read.”
--NeNe from Fallen Angel Reviews, a 5 Angel review


“…I liked how Cameron Dane has shown how previous experiences, both good and bad, shape a person’s psyche. Kasey had been hurt before and was unable to allow a man to be near her in what she thinks is the ‘normal’ way. Before she can fully let down her guard, she has to be in control. I love how Canin gave her the control she needed. He was devastatingly virile and adventurous and there was nothing about him I didn’t like…The Ultimate Kink will leave you on your seat wanting more. I found the BDSM content amazingly written with just enough spice to entice and make the reader yearn for more. Graphic situations are used but needed in this highly erotic romantic suspense. It was a great read!”
--Talia Ricci from Joyfully


“…The Ultimate Kink is the second release in the Quinn Security series and it’s another definite winner in my opinion. Much longer and with more detail and background than the first release, the author quickly pulls the reader into the story from the very first page…The secondary characters that join the plot as patrons of the sex club are all interesting, giving the story greater depth and personality. The sex between Canin and Kasey is hot and graphic, yet it never felt overdone or excessive, always staying true to the current scenes and plot. But the best thing about these sex scenes is the growing emotional attachment both felt for the other. This is what makes the sex take on an intensely personal versus clinical feeling that I truly appreciated. There were times that I didn’t think Kasey would be able to get over her past, but Ms. Dane did an outstanding job of helping her work through her old trauma and allowing the real Kasey to come shining through.”
--Mystical Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews Only



The Ultimate Kink Excerpt 1: PG-13 to R-ish

The Ultimate Kink Excerpt 2: R to NC-17-ish


Excerpt # 1: This is a snippet of Canin and Kasey getting ready for their first night going undercover at the club, and then a bit of them at the club.


Canin's lips touched hers, and every nerve ending in Kasey's body jumped to full alert. Against every sense of self-preservation in her, she moved into him and slid her arms around his waist, digging her fingers into pure, steely muscle. Groaning, he dipped the tip of his tongue through her seam and touched against hers, drawing forth a shiver of awareness she could not control. Everything about Canin, from his six feet five inches of height, to his honed-to-perfection body, all the way to his crass way of speaking that matched hers, told Kasey to expect roughness and dominating force from a seduction at his hands -- things Kasey could not allow in a partner.

Yet every time a personal moral code showed itself from Canin in their work, like today, and every time he touched her with searching gentleness, like now, he spun Kasey's own personal rules for a loop. He deepened the kiss, tangling his tongue with hers. Moaning at the slow heat that warmed her one lick at a time, Kasey kissed Canin back with an abandon she hadn't exhibited with a partner -- ever. She wanted it, but at the same time, everything in her shrieked that she should run, that faking a relationship with this man would end with a damaged soul and a broken heart.

Her soul damaged, and her heart the one broken.

As much as a secret little place inside her might wish for normalcy, Kasey knew she could never give that to a man. Life had carved that knowledge into her heart long, long ago; latent, dormant attraction for a man who used to be her boss -- but with hard work had become her equal -- bursting to life within her or not.

Canin worked his fingers into Kasey's hair and twisted her bun, tugging hard enough to sting. Kasey bit Canin without thinking, her heart racing as she tore her mouth off his and pushed him away.

His eyes darkening to expensive sapphires, Canin rubbed at his mouth, transferring a smear of bright blood to his finger. "What? What did I do?"

"Nothing." She paced away from him on unsteady legs, away from the picture of him flush from kissing her, away from the fact that he still so sweetly held Zin in his hand. "I just don't like my hair pulled; that's all."

"I wasn't pulling, Kasey. I was loosening." From the sound of his voice, she could tell he hadn't followed her to the railing, and for that, Kasey thanked God. When he strayed too close, he clouded her thinking, and she could not afford bad judgment in this job…or with him.

Lifting her hands to smooth her hair, Kasey cursed the tremor she saw in them. Good God. She could not let her nerves about what would happen in that club get the better of her.

She counted to ten, taking deep, cleansing breaths with each number. Once everything settled within her and reeked of professionalism again, she turned and faced Canin. "Let's talk about our history, get some signals straight, and decide our general plan of attack for tonight."

His gaze intense enough to make her squirm, Canin abruptly nodded and put Zin down. "Okay. Follow me." He started for the stairs. "We can get this figured out while I unpack."

With one ear on Canin and their conversation, Kasey quietly started to think about the Tied with Love room. More than that, the creativity and inner calm she would need in order to survive it.

* * * * *

A low, long whistle greeted Kasey as she came down the stairs, making her cheeks heat.

Canin got up from the couch and moved across the floor to meet her at the bottom. "What in the hell made you decide on this getup?" Kasey wore a loose-fitting pair of tuxedo trousers with a fitted matching jacket and a white pinstriped shirt. She had her hair twisted in a coil, for the most part hidden beneath a gray fedora hat. The kicker was the deep red lipstick that matched the color of her pointy, spiked heels, instruments that right this moment already started pinching her feet.

Without even trying to hide it, Canin's gaze traveled the length of her body from top to bottom, and then back up to her eyes. "I never would have thought it with something so masculine, but you look insanely hot."

Itching under Canin's scrutiny, Kasey pushed past him to the door. "The idea is for this bastard to notice us. Every woman in that club wears a plunging top and short skirt, or a little dress that barely covers her butt." She had taken notice of that last night, wondering if nobody had paid any attention to Canin pulling her under him in that booth because she blended in and looked like everyone else. Last night they needed that; tonight, they needed to grab the attention of a stalker. "We walk in like this…"

Canin picked up, "A tall, curvy woman like you doing an androgynous thing…"

Kasey arched a brow. "Accompanied by a big, strapping guy so clearly full of manly testosterone…"

A slow smile wrapped itself around Canin's lips, making Kasey grin right back. "We get instant eyes on us. Very nice."

Her heart skipped a beat, but she stamped it down and assured herself she didn't preen under Canin's praise. "I thought so."

Holding out his arm, Canin said, "Shall we?"

For once in her adult life, Kasey didn't fight her first instinct to take charge. "Let's." She wrapped her arm in the crook of his and let him lead.

* * * * *

Canin squeezed Kasey's breast through her shirt, eliciting a sharp hiss as blood rushed straight to her nipple and pussy. When she opened her mouth to catch her breath, Canin sank his tongue inside and started to mate with hers once again. Nobody had ever kissed her as completely and in such a focused manner as Canin did. He touched almost hesitantly at first, with soft learning forays before moving ever slowly into deeper stuff. At this point, he had her wound so tight she thought she might come just from his mouth on hers.

They hadn't wasted any time after getting to the club. One sultry dance just to make it look like they belonged, a drink with some pretend giggles that actually weren't faked on Kasey's part, and then they ended with Isobel making sure they had one of the more prominently displayed booths so Kasey and Canin could start their job. Only, if Kasey didn't slow down and catch her breath, she might not make it to the TWL room on her own two feet. One more drugging kiss from Canin and her legs would no longer hold her upright.

Kasey slipped her fingers between their lips and gently separated them, but remembered to smile and touch the tips of her fingers against his mouth, catching his lower lip in a way that sent shivers through her tummy. "Why don't we make this more interesting, honey?" She wrapped his tie around her hand and lured him to his feet. "Tonight, I want us to play on a stage."

Growling, Canin leaned down to nip her lips, playing his part, as he let Kasey lead them through a wide, ornately columned arch that led to the private rooms. "Perform all you want, baby. You know how I love putting you on display. You're so fucking beautiful I want everyone to see it and know you're mine."

"I am yours." Kasey paused outside the designated door and rubbed all up and down Canin's front, letting anyone with an interest get another good look at the new couple.

He jerked against her, and she knew he felt the surprise she had donned before leaving the apartment.

In her ridiculous heels, she barely had to lift up to press her lips against his ear. "I know what I'm doing." She rubbed the small of his back and softened her tone, due entirely to wanting to settle Canin, and nothing to do with faking intimacy as part of their act. "Do you trust me to get the job done and make this all right for you?"

Canin backed her into the door and clicked it open without ever breaking stride. He dipped down and licked her ear, but at the same time whispered, "Do what you have to do." Isobel had already put in their request for use of this room at this time, and they went right through the crowd in the foyer to a small private changing room that bridged to the TWL room. "We have the same goal and the same dedication." He barely moved his lips when he talked. "Let's get this guy's attention tonight." The door closed with a definitive snick. They moved through the second room to the main stage. Lights automatically went on, and a dais in the center of the room with a huge high bed loomed in sight.

As Kasey led Canin to it, she wondered if this man had ever let anyone fuck him in the ass. ...


Excerpt # 2: Kasey and Canin starting to get a little bit closer.


Kasey leaned against the windowsill and stared out at the rooftop of the apartment directly across from hers. Spring flowers were in bloom, and a riot of pinks, yellows, reds, and greens took over the well-kept garden that grew high off the ground. An elderly man tended to the plants and flowers daily. Kasey often watched him and wondered if she would get any pleasure out of such a task, as he seemed to do.

Nursing a mug of coffee, Kasey let her mind wander to the evening ahead. A second night at the club, which meant more of Canin holding her and kissing her, and more of her touching and teasing him. That was where the real danger in this assignment lay, and Kasey knew it. She had confidence in her ability to fight off a potential attack from this couple they hoped to provoke; she didn't know how long she could maintain a successful distance from Canin Quinn.

Emotional, much more than physical.

The man scared the hell out of her. She could admit that to herself, at least. Everything about him was so damned big, and overwhelming, and intense. At the same time, he took a joke at his own expense without anger. And the way he loved his brother… Damn, Kasey envied that sibling closeness. She didn't know anything like that in a family. Not anymore, anyway. Canin had a ridiculously macho, masculine aura about him too, and yet he not only embraced Rhone and Adam as a couple, he was the one who saw the love Rhone had deeply buried inside him for Adam, and came to Kasey with the challenge to play matchmaker and get them together. Canin did it because he wanted to see his brother happy, and if another man would do that, then that's what Canin wanted for Rhone.

Kasey suddenly rubbed her neck, feeling the hairs there stand on end, and knew her partner was no longer asleep. A moment later, Canin moved in beside her, Zin tucked under his arm. "Pretty view," he murmured, his gaze following hers to the garden-covered rooftop. "People don't usually give up places in charming neighborhoods like this once they take ownership. How'd you find it?"

"A weird stroke of luck," Kasey admitted. The midmorning sun shining in through the glass, and the smell of early morning rain still seeping into the loft through the open windows, lulled Kasey to a place of comfort she rarely experienced around other people. "When I used to work for Templeton and Sons" -- she named the PI firm she did reception, computer, and apprentice work at before coming to Quinn Security -- "I used to have lunch in this little park at the same time, same place, pretty much every day. One day, I see this older woman sitting by herself, and then I see her again, and again. After about a week, I was like 'well, she's sitting alone, and I'm sitting alone' and thought maybe she would like some company. I struck up a conversation with her and listened to her tell all of these great stories about growing up here in Chicago. I don't know if the crazy things she told me were true or not, but I could see that she liked telling them, and I didn't mind listening. We did that five days a week for almost two years, and then one day she up and tells me that she has decided to move to Florida, and would I like her apartment? I knew where she lived by then, even if I hadn't ever seen it. I knew I couldn't afford it, and told her so. That's when she said, 'No, dear, I don't want to sell it to you. I want to give it to you.'" Kasey had to stop for a moment. Almost nine years later, and it still formed a lump in her throat when thinking about Virginia Pace.

Canin reached out and rubbed the nape of her neck, his warmth against her chill generating a shiver. "You were kind to a lonely woman when she obviously needed it," he said. "She wanted to reward you for it."

"I wouldn't let her just give it to me." Kasey scratched Zin behind the ears, needing to busy her hands. "That didn't seem right. She turned ownership over to me for a ridiculous five-thousand-dollar check, and then for the rest of her life, until she died a year ago, I sent her something, whatever I could afford, depending on my income at the time. Upon the reading of her will, her lawyer contacted me and told me Virginia -- that was her name -- had left me something." Kasey blinked hard to keep the wetness from shining in her eyes. "Damned stubborn woman cashed every check I sent her, but never spent a penny. She willed me, to the penny, every dollar I paid her over the years for this place."

"You needed your pride, and she allowed you to have that." Canin's voice, so low and gravelly, stroked through Kasey like a rough caress. "But at the same time, she needed to give you this gift as a thank-you for your friendship to her over the years."

"It was no hardship." Kasey twisted out of Canin's hand on her neck, needing air and room to move. "Virginia was an interesting, quirky woman." Pacing the length of the apartment, Kasey fought the instinct to keep on walking until she went right out the door. What in the hell compelled me to tell Canin such a secret, special part of my life? One of the only special moments, really. She could never tell him that passing the interview process for Quinn Security, and them bringing her into their company as a full partner, were the others. "It was my privilege to know Virginia for the brief time that I did."

"My grandmother was a special woman like that," Canin said softly, drawing Kasey's attention from across the room. This time, Canin stared out the window, his mind looking like it took him a thousand miles away. Kasey didn't know much about Canin's grandmother, other than she had raised Canin and Rhone, and that she passed away a little over two years ago. "For the longest time, I didn't appreciate that she gave up her own life to come and take care of me and Rhone all those years ago. I was so angry that my mother was gone and that my father ran away, instead of pulling himself together and raising his two sons that needed him. My father wasn't around to yell at, though, so I took it out on my grandmother. I constantly questioned her and mouthed off to her, and I tried to protect Rhone, even from her. Didn't much work. He took to her raising us so easily that I got jealous of that too and was afraid I would lose Rhone to her. It was like a competition for me, and I wanted Rhone to love and depend on me, because I knew that I would never go away and leave us alone. I couldn't be sure about anything else. I was such a little shit. She never let me get away with it, but she also never stooped to my level and shamed me about my behavior. She didn't have to." Canin's chuckle came across like sandpaper against wood. "I did that to myself."

Don't, don't, don't, let yourself care about this man any more than you already do. "I'm sure your grandmother understood that the ground wasn't very firm under your feet during that time, and that you needed to test her to see if she would leave you too."

"Yeah." Canin shrugged. "I still didn't like the way I treated her, though. It wasn't right, and it wasn't the behavior of a man."

"Well, you weren't a man," Kasey said. She moved back to his side, the pull toward him too strong to sever. "You were a boy. And a scared one at that, I'm sure."

"My troublemaking went on for too long." Canin put the cat down and linked his fingers behind his neck, lifting his gaze to the ceiling. "I was only five when she came to us, and it wasn't until I was fifteen that I snapped out of my anger enough to see myself through her eyes. There aren't enough 'I'm sorrys' to make up for nearly ten years of attitude, back talk, and ignoring rules and curfews to replace the heartache and worry I put her through."

Her heart hammering, and her head screaming No! Kasey lifted her hand and cupped the hard angle of Canin's stubble-rough cheek and jaw. "She must have done well enough to get through to you, even when you didn't know it." The huskiness in her voice betrayed her and brought his gaze down to hers. "Other than Adam, I don't know two men finer than you and Rhone. That had to come from somewhere."

"Thank you." Canin's voice caught, and for a moment his torment slipped through his eyes to her, piercing her in the heart. In a flash, he snaked his hand around her neck and hauled her against his chest, his heart racing so fast she couldn't feel her own against the pounding slamming through him. "Thank you." Intent and need flared his pupils and shrank the pale blue of his irises to almost nothing as his lips descended to hers. He paused for just a second, connecting to her through shared breath and a stare, and then closed the distance, latching his hungry mouth onto hers. His hand squeezed reflexively around her neck, and he pushed his way inside, stealing a deep, hard kiss, seeming to feed off her with quiet desperation. Moaning, she clung to his waist, her fingers digging into hard, hot flesh beneath the layer of one thin T-shirt. He tasted like toothpaste and molten lava, cool and hot at the same time. His tongue swept along the length of hers, twisting together briefly, primal in a way that rumbled a groan throughout the length of his big, hard body plastered to hers.

Canin slid his hand down Kasey's back and cupped her ass, yanking her hard against his groin and grinding. A little streak of instinctual panic raced through Kasey and made her squeak. Canin swore and tore his hand and lips off her with a heave to his chest. "I'm going to go for a run," he said abruptly, stepping away. Just like that, he swiped his keys off the coffee table, never looking back as he let himself out of the apartment.

Kasey slid down the wall to a bundle on the floor, her legs suddenly not nearly as steady as ten minutes ago. "He's just as scared as I am," she whispered, stunned that she had never even considered vulnerability in Canin before now. He presented such a strong, yet at the same time easygoing, image that Kasey had never noticed a crack in his armor of cool confidence. Never once had she thought anything about Canin's persona or behavior might hide a less than completely together person beneath the surface.

Canin was human. Shit. Kasey could fight perfection and invulnerability in Canin Quinn without any problems, and had been doing so with relative ease since the moment they met. A real man, though, a little bit broken, like her, Kasey didn't know how to erect a wall thick enough and tall enough to keep this new Canin out of her heart.

Her fingers shook as she covered her face. "Shit. Shit. Shit." ...


Copyright Protected Work.
Cameron Dane, Author. Loose Id, Publisher

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