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Loose Id Exclusive
February 2013

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Loose Id

Together for four years now, Christian and Jonah from A Fostered Love are still wildly in love and passionately attracted to each other. Jonah has never seen snow, and Christian thinks he’s set in place the perfect Valentine’s Day weekend away to show his man something new.

Sometimes, though, Mother Nature can be a real bitch, and this year she brings Christian’s and Jonah’s plans to a screeching halt before they can even begin.

If there’s one thing that messes with Jonah’s head and heart, it’s seeing Christian upset. Can Jonah come up with a miracle and show Christian that sometimes the best holidays are the ones spent at home in your own backyard?



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Snowfall Excerpt: Rated X for Explicit Sex and Language


Excerpt: This is just a little snippet of how Jonah and Christian greet the morning on Valentine’s Day.


Biting his lip to swallow down a moan, Jonah Roberts tried to focus on the alarm clock on the stand next to his bed. Right then, though, his partner, Christian Sanchez, pressed a final, sweet kiss to Jonah’s bare lower belly, moved ever so erotically lower, and pulled Jonah’s cock into his amazing mouth. Once Christian did that, Jonah lost himself to anything but pleasure. Nearly four years together had done nothing to diminish Jonah’s appetite for sex with Christian. If anything, each time he looked into his lover’s coffee-rich eyes, he fell somehow harder and heavier for the man who’d shown him he was human and could love.

“Christian…” Even as Jonah tried to sound stern, he spread his thighs and lifted his hips, offering the man more of his stiff cock. “Honey…” At that moment Christian licked a long line up the underside of Jonah’s shaft, from root to head, and Jonah’s attempt at a protest deepened to a low, rough groan of “Fuck, yeah.” Christian swirled his tongue around the fat head of Jonah’s prick, and Jonah hissed in response and punched his hips up into his man’s face again. “Do more.”

Stretched out between Jonah’s legs, Christian teased his tongue along the slit splitting the head of Jonah’s cock. He then pressed a soft, loving kiss there, one that drew a shudder out of Jonah. Damn, Christian always knew exactly how to touch Jonah to turn him into a puddle of need. Before Jonah could beg a second time, Christian parted his soft, pretty lips around Jonah’s penis and flicked the tip. Oh yes.

Glancing up, Christian locked in on Jonah’s gaze. Pure love—not to mention mischief—twinkled within Christian’s stare, making Jonah’s belly quiver. A wicked smile tipped the edges of Christian’s luscious lips too, giving Jonah just a second of warning before Christian swooped down and sucked Jonah’s cock all the way into his mouth.

A battered shout escaped Jonah, scraping his throat on the way out, but he no longer cared; he had no ability to speak through the pleasure Christian pulled out of him. Christian bobbed up and down over Jonah again and again, filling his mouth with Jonah’s long, thick cock. With each suck in of Christian’s cheeks, he took the mushroom head past his throat for the barest second of mind-numbingly intense pleasure, only to pull all the way up on Jonah’s shaft and use the flat of his tongue to lick across the tip. Christian sucked Jonah relentlessly, as if he wanted nothing more in his life than to have Jonah’s penis living inside his mouth. Soon Jonah whimpered and rolled his hips with crazy, jerky churns, and his ass channel throbbed its need for Christian to stuff him full, to the hilt.

As if Christian knew every tell Jonah’s body gave—hell, he probably did; Jonah knew all of Christian’s—Christian grinned at Jonah. “There you go.” Braced on the mattress with one hand, Christian eased his other between Jonah’s thighs and pushed two fingers into Jonah’s crack to play with his hole. “You’re not fighting me anymore.”

Jonah moaned, and his passage clenched hard—Oh fuck, yes—as Christian rubbed his fingertips in a circular pattern over Jonah’s quivering pucker.

His stare darkening with familiar passion, Christian crawled upward and licked past Jonah’s parted lips. “God, baby.” In between flicking his digits against Jonah’s bud, Christian rocked his stiffening cock against the inside of Jonah’s knee. “I love it when you get so wound up you can’t stop trembling.”

Jonah muttered, “You should know the feeling by heart by now.” Pulling his thighs wider apart to give Christian better access to his ass, Jonah bit the inside of his cheek in a feeble attempt to hold back another cry of delight. “I can never be still when you touch me.”

“Baby, I will never get used to what it feels like to be with you.” Christian kissed the inside of Jonah’s raised knee and then lined his pointer and middle fingers up against Jonah’s entrance. “Now relax just a little bit more and let yourself enjoy this special wake-up call.” With that, Christian fused his lips to Jonah’s with a rough kiss, and drove his two fingers deep into Jonah’s ass.

Jonah shouted hoarsely into Christian’s mouth. He bucked the instant Christian filled his passage, and his prick swelled and pushed hard between their sweat-slick bellies. Christian ate his way deeper into Jonah’s mouth with a raw kiss and absorbed Jonah’s desire-filled cry. Voracious ownership filled Christian’s kiss, and he employed the same authority to plunge his digits in and out of Jonah’s ass. Jonah could barely breathe, but if this was how God intended him to die, he would go out a well-pleasured and happy man.

Jonah shifted to lock his legs around the backs of Christian’s thighs, and he drove his tail end up to meet the full thrust of Christian’s fingers. When Christian forced another long digit into Jonah’s ass, stretching his hole with the best damned stinging pain Jonah had ever experienced, Jonah groaned and thrashed and begged for more. Fucking hell, yes. Jonah tangled his tongue with Christian’s and repeatedly rolled his hindquarters up to steal as much of Christian’s penetration as he could. His ass channel flared and milked the invasion, and his cock leaked a river of precum against Christian’s abdomen in anticipation of a mating.

Just as Jonah bit at Christian’s lips, near to pleading for the man’s cock deep inside him, the jarring beep beep beep beep of their alarm clock filled the sex-thick, early morning air in their small bedroom.

Without missing a beat, Christian grumbled against Jonah’s lips. Quickly he withdrew his digits from Jonah’s body, slammed his hand down on the clock, and put an end to the high-pitched alarm. He then went right back to sinking his tongue into Jonah’s mouth and drilling his fingers into Jonah’s primed and ready ass.

Every nerve ending in Jonah’s body clamored for this coupling to go on forever, but the practical part of his brain reminded him that Christian had paid for two first-class plane tickets, and he did his level best to focus his mind and dash cold water on his burning-hot libido.

“Christian.” Burying his hands in Christian’s silky, dark hair, Jonah tried to shake the fog of need clouding his judgment. “Traffic, honey.” He held Christian’s face away from his, but still couldn’t stop himself from lifting up and licking into the man’s kiss-swollen mouth. “Morning traffic.” They had less than four hours to shower, get dressed, and drive to Tampa to catch their flight to Wyoming. The drive alone would take nearly two. Jonah parted his lips to protest further, but Christian chose that second to withdraw his fingers from Jonah’s ass. Christian switched to fondling and pulling on Jonah’s ultrasensitized, weighty sac, and Jonah could only raggedly whisper “…late,” as he pumped out more early jizz between their stomachs.

“We’ll be fine, baby. Don’t you worry.” Hot as hell, Christian crawled upright, shifted to a sitting position across Jonah’s upper thighs, and lined up his and Jonah’s straining, rock-hard cocks. “I’m not gonna let you miss your first snowfall for anything.”….


Copyright Protected Work
Cameron Dane, author. / Loose Id, publisher.

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