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Loose Id
Dec 2009

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Loose Id
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When Rhone Quinn caught Adam Reyes picking his pocket in Finding Home, he never dreamed the young man would become his best friend, his business partner, or that, as that friendship grew, Adam was secretly gay and falling for him. What really knocked heterosexual Rhone on his ass was discovering Adam’s feelings, and realizing he felt an equally fierce attraction and love for Adam.

Fast forward two years. Rhone and Adam are engaged and headed to Vermont for their wedding. Nothing can mar this beautiful occasion. Right?

Wrong. A bride staying at the hotel fuels Adam’s fears of losing Rhone to a woman; a feuding couple that Adam and Rhone run into every time they turn around sparks disagreements between them; and a hotel employee’s strange behavior spurs Adam’s professional curiosity and later rouses his protective juices.

What was supposed to be a week of celebration and hot lovin’ quickly turns into a Quinn Security investigation.

Now all Rhone and Adam need to do is get a bickering couple to admit they’re in love, help a sweet young man out of a terrible situation, and maybe, just maybe, Rhone can get his fella to the chapel on time to say “I do.”


“…Saying I Do…starts off with a bang. Well, it actually starts off with a round of blistering hot sex between lovers Adam and Rhone…Let me tell you, Rhone and Adam are still just as much in love as ever and the sex is intense, frequent, sizzling hot, passionate and Ms. Dane did an excellent job with these emotion-filled scenes. She also did well describing the depth of their love and commitment, making me feel their joy and happiness at getting married…I am anxious to see where the series goes with the next release. Keep writing Cameron and nice work…again.”
-- Mystical Nymph, from Literary Nymphs Reviews Only


“…The chaos that always seems to surround weddings is amplified by intrigue and unvoiced fears in the fantastic Saying I Do…Adam and Rhone are both heroes that are easy to adore. They’re intelligent, protective, and deeply in love with one another…What I loved about Saying I Do was seeing that Adam didn’t just take Rhone’s newfound bisexuality for granted. Until just two years before, both men believed Rhone to be strictly heterosexual. The fact that Adam had fears of losing Rhone felt realistic to me, and I loved watching the heroes address his concerns and work it out to make their relationship all the stronger…The subplots of Saying I Do were every bit as fascinating as the main storyline…All in all, Saying I Do was a wonderful, sexy tale that will make you sigh, blush, and beg for more from this phenomenal author.”
-- Shayna, from Joyfully Reviewed


“The secondary characters in this story are well drawn and easy to like.…For those that like lusty uninhibited m/m sex, this book is a keeper…you will love and appreciate this peek into the lives of the characters that you already know. I sure hope that we have more visits with the Quinn Security characters in the future.”
-- Anthurium from Whipped Cream Reviews


“…Quinn Security: Saying I Do gave me the payoff I’ve been waiting for…Through it all, though, these two men are unflagging in their love and devotion to each other, which is a wonderful thing to see…(after a searing fight and some oh-my-God-I-need-ice-water make-up sex)…I was glad to join these two friends for their wedding…I’ll be keeping an eye out for Dane’s next offering.
-- Angelina from Two Lips Reviews


“…Quinn Security: Saying I Do was a humorous rump from proposal to marriage. I liked the flow of the story and it made for a great read. The humor and the scorching hot love scenes were the icing on top of this phenomenal read. This is a recommended read!”
-- Sandra from Night Owl Reviews


“…I think the sequel of Rhone and Adam’s story is probably even better than the previous one…Rhone and Adam are now lovers, but they were and still are also friends, the relationship between them is of mutuality and dependence, a very balanced one. There is not top or bottom, no leader or follower…Finally, the story is also very sexy, Rhone and Adam are in love and enjoy it a lot, and they are often all over each other, even more now that their marriage day is coming. The sex is good, plenty and naughty enough to be very enjoyable, but not too much to be only a resistance marathon.”
-- Elisa Rolle’s Journal


“Oh this story. It hit on so many cylinders! There’s love. There’s violence. There’s fear. There’s insecurity. Oh! There’s sex. LOTS of sex. And there might just be a wedding…Ms. Dane makes some strong characters and this story is solid…I’m hoping there’s going to be more to this series because I enjoy the interactions.”
-- Mr. P., Mrs. Condit & Friends Read Books



Saying I Do Excerpt #1: Rated PG to PG-13


Saying I Do Excerpt #2: X-Rated


Excerpt #1: This is just a snippet of chapter one.


December 26

Awe filled Adam as he stared up at the Vermont hotel designed to create the illusion of an English estate fit for royalty. “Oh wow. It’s amazing in person.” The trilevel, Palladian-style facade had a hue to it that looked like muted sunlight had absorbed into the structure. Columns fronted the entrance, and a pair of men in sharp uniforms stood on either side, waiting to allow guests entry.

“It is cool, isn’t it?” Rhone joined Adam and pulled him to his chest with an arm around his waist. He dipped his mouth down to Adam’s shoulder, and puffs of white from the frigid air mingling with his inner warmth escaped his lips as he talked. “Let’s get checked in and do a little exploring around the grounds before we meet with the event planner. Come on.” Excitement infused Rhone’s voice. “Let’s go inside.” He linked his hand in Adam’s and pulled him in the direction of the front doors.

An unexpected ripple of fear rolled through Adam’s belly as he let Rhone lead him to the place where they would marry. Up to this point, all the wedding planning had taken place through e-mails and over the phone, and in a strange way that kept the whole process at a distance and made it almost unreal.

Now, here they were.

Adam didn’t have any family to speak of who would celebrate this union with him. His parents had disowned him and kicked him out when he was sixteen, and had only reinforced their intolerance of his homosexuality when he’d tried seeing them one more time a number of years ago. His mother and father cutting him out of their lives hadn’t bothered him in a long time, but his tía… Adam’s heart constricted where he stood. His aunt Loretta was another story. His tía had lived with them, and for all intents and purposes, had raised him and loved him for the first sixteen years of his life. Her inability to get past Adam’s being gay still made him hurt all over when he thought about it too much.

Not that Rhone would have family members coming out of his ears for this wedding either. Canin was Rhone’s only blood relative who would attend. Rhone’s mother had passed away when he was just a little boy, and his father had checked out of the responsibility of raising two small sons not long after her death. Their grandmother had taken care of them, made them into the men they now were, but she had died a while ago too.

We make our own way now.

Adam exhaled slowly. They had their own created family these days. And on Monday, their guests would join them in Vermont. Then, on New Year’s Eve, just before midnight, he and Rhone would exchange their vows in a little chapel on the hotel grounds.

In less than a week, I’ll be legally bound to Rhone.


Adam swayed.

“Adam?” Rhone whipped his arm around Adam’s waist and kept him from falling. “What’s the matter? Talk to me, baby.”

“Sir?” One of the door attendants rushed to Adam, slipped an arm around him too, and helped situate him upright. “Are you all right? Can I get you some help?” The man looked back at his coworker. “Go get a bottle of water for him.” Concern filled deep blue eyes as the guy looked from Adam to Rhone. “Maybe we should get your friend inside and sit him down.”

Adam quickly regained his footing and equilibrium and looked up into two sets of worried eyes. “I’m sorry; I’m fine. I promise. I just feel like an idiot.” Adam glanced at the dark-haired door attendant and burned with discomfort. He turned his gaze back to Rhone and felt himself blush even darker. “I absorbed the fact that we’re finally here, and it hit me that this is really happening.”
“Hell yeah it is.” Rhone winked and caressed his palm down Adam’s waist to his hip. “Better not faint on me at the altar.” Leaning down, he whispered oh-so-very-softly in Adam’s ear, “Or else I’ll make you ten times redder with the method I use to bring you out of your swoon.” He licked his tongue into Adam’s ear and shot a reaction straight down to his cock.

Before Adam could stammer a reply, Rhone pulled away and put his full attention on the hotel employee. “I think he’ll be okay.” He stuck out his hand. “Thank you for jumping in so fast.”

“I’m glad I was close by.” The man clasped Rhone’s hand and pumped it in a large one of his own. “My name is Wes. I do a little bit of everything in the hotel, so if you need anything, just let me know.”

“I’m Rhone” -- Rhone’s arm moved up to around Adam’s shoulders -- “and this is Adam.”

Adam shook the young man’s hand too. “Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise.” Wes swept open one of the tall glass doors of the hotel and gestured to the understated opulence on the other side. “Welcome to the Astor-Grand. Enjoy your stay.”

Rhone hooked his arm around Adam’s neck, yanked him in, and pecked a kiss to his temple. “Come on, stud.” He chuckled. “Let’s go check in.”

* * * * *

“Here is the chapel.” Eliza, the hotel event planner the Astor-Grand had put in charge of Rhone and Adam’s wedding, threw open the doors to the small stone building. “As you can see, it is almost completely decorated for a wedding that will take place tomorrow, but rest assured I have your flowers scheduled to arrive the morning of the thirty-first, and all will be in place for your ceremony.”

Uh, yeah. Rhone cringed at the explosion of pink and purple ribbons and frippery that overwhelmed the simple, charming structure. The chapel had ten rows of pews on both sides of the center aisle, and when Rhone pulled Adam inside and looked up, he noticed a tiny balcony above with a thick, dark-wood railing.

Rhone dropped his line of sight back down, and a giant fuchsia bow attached to the humble stone wall assaulted his vision. Seeing their planner busy taking a call, Rhone dipped down to Adam and kept his voice low. “What do you think?” he asked. “Is Barbie getting married here tomorrow?”

Adam covered his mouth, but not before a snicker slipped free. His face sobered, and then he straightened and said, “Be nice, Rhone.” Adam turned in a circle, taking in the decor. “The bride might be very young. If this is her dream, then she should be allowed to have it.”

The event planner stepped back in. “I apologize for cutting our tour short, but I have a situation brewing that I have to address.” The woman spread her arms in welcome as she walked backward to the doors. “Feel free to stay in the chapel for as long as you want. Just let the employee waiting outside know when you leave so that he can lock up.”

After the woman left, Rhone and Adam wandered around the small chapel hand in hand, and Rhone just enjoyed the hell out of Adam’s wide, dark eyes taking everything in. Adam was smart, capable, and part owner of their very successful security firm, but Rhone could still look at Adam and instinctively know when he was mentally pinching himself inside to assure himself that something special was really happening. Adam was twenty-nine years old and sexy-as-all-get-out, but in this moment, Rhone could see the teenager Adam used to be: a young man whose parents had kicked him out of his home for being gay, forever changing Adam into someone who wasn’t sure he deserved a good life.

That was just one of the reasons Rhone had been so goddamned stunned when Adam proposed. Not that Rhone didn’t believe Adam loved him and wanted a legal commitment, but rather that Adam still, all these years later, had moments of fear that he would wake up one morning to find everything important in his life gone.

Including Rhone.

Not in a million years.

Till death do us part. Rhone didn’t need to speak the words. He’d felt the truth of them for far longer than the two years since he found out Adam was in love with him, and immediately realized himself that he was crazy mad in love with Adam too.

Vows won’t change it; they’ll just seal the deal.

Rhone spotted a narrow flight of stairs tucked in the back corner of the chapel. “Come on.” He crowded Adam from behind and guided him to the steps. “Let’s go take a look from upstairs.”

Dogging Adam’s backside all the way up the steps, Rhone entered the tiny loft that only had enough room for one small pew. He followed Adam to the railing and settled in behind him, caging him with his arms braced on the thick wood rail. Adam’s warmth -- Christ, he was always warm -- sank into Rhone’s chest and belly and worked its way deep into him in a comforting embrace.

“Damn, honey,” Rhone murmured as he looked down into the body of the chapel. “We’ll be meeting at that altar in less than a week.” Tucking Adam against him, Rhone rested his chin on his partner’s head. “Can you believe it?”

Adam leaned into Rhone and twined their arms against his stomach. “It’s hard to picture what our ceremony will look like within the ocean of pink and purple taking over the place right now.”

Rhone bit back a snort. “Do you think I’ve forgotten just how great I know your imagination is?” He baited Adam with a tickle to his side. Since becoming a couple, Rhone had coaxed stories out of Adam about Adam’s past penchant for eavesdropping on Rhone having sex with women. One thin wall had separated their bedrooms in the apartment they’d shared for a lot of years, and during some of that time, Adam admitted that he had listened in and pleasured himself, all the while envisioning Rhone in bed with him. “Because your descriptions of what you did to yourself in your bedroom were vivid enough that I can still close my eyes and see you pushing that dildo in and out of your sweet ass while moaning my name.”

“Rhone!” Adam hissed under his breath. He tried to turn around, but Rhone held him in place. “We’re in a church,” he added in an equally low voice.

“Not technically,” Rhone argued. “It’s a chapel. And it was built by a hotel for the purpose of creating cozy weddings, not for Sunday services. It’s not as if we’re standing in the Vatican.”

Adam’s fingers dug into Rhone’s forearms. “Still…” Tension ran through the body in front of Rhone, but a breathiness laced that one word and stirred Rhone’s cock to attention.

Rhone pressed his nose into Adam’s hair and grew even harder from inhaling his partner’s natural, spicy scent. “I have a two-track mind, Adam.” He slipped his hand inside Adam’s jacket, undid the buttons on his shirt, and rubbed his palm across the plane of hard muscles beneath his hand. “Work and you.” He grazed his fingers over the pointed tips of Adam’s nipples, and his own balls swelled in response. “And work isn’t anywhere in my thoughts right now.”

Adam covered Rhone’s hand, nudged his ass into Rhone’s cock, and moaned low. “Rhone…”

Putting his mouth to Adam’s ear, Rhone nipped the sensitive skin behind. “Look down and picture it. Let the pink and purple disappear and see the leafy green sprays attached to the end of each pew.” His hand drifted down to Adam’s belt and undid the buckle. The zipper on his jeans sighed in the quiet space as it came down, and Rhone slipped his hand inside Adam’s underwear…


Excerpt #2: A bit further along. Here’s Adam and Rhone enjoying a bit of morning play.


December 28

Twinkles of morning light sneaked in through the cracks in the curtains covering the hotel bedroom window and danced across Rhone’s skin like fairies at play. Adam knew his thought was fanciful, but he kissed his way across the span of Rhone’s washboard stomach anyway and basked in the quiet of the early-morning hour and in being so close to this man.

His chin scraped against the elastic waistband of Rhone’s boxer-briefs and rubbed against the tip of a hard ridge of flesh. Rhone’s cock jumped under the fabric, as if reaching for further contact, and Adam smiled against his partner’s abdomen.

I’m getting there. Adam peeled Rhone’s underwear down to his hips. Don’t you worry.

Unable to hold back, Adam dipped down, closed his mouth around Rhone’s penis, and softly sucked his fiancé’s cock.

Everything about Rhone appealed to Adam’s senses on a primitive, base level, and his own body hummed with awareness of it. The span of Rhone’s shoulders and back, the power in his legs, and the unforgiving lines of his face all tripped up Adam’s heartbeat. The smell of his perspiration before he showered, the faintly salty taste that clung to his flesh, no matter his state of cleanliness, and the biting, almost-burnt flavor of his seed sliding down Adam’s throat all evoked possession in Adam and made him want to lick Rhone everywhere. The furnace of body heat Rhone emanated, the solid line of his frame, which didn’t waver when Adam leaned into him, and the casual way he threw his arm around Adam in public spoke to the person inside Adam who wanted someone to claim him and take care of him.

And the textured growl of his voice, which rumbled through Rhone and into Adam right this second, felt like big, strong hands caressing him and pulling him close.

“Mmnn…” Rhone stretched toward the headboard with one hand and tunneled his fingers through Adam’s hair with the other. He tilted Adam’s head back, and Adam looked up to a drowsy half smile and sleepy eyes.

Shifting his hips, Rhone purred as more of his length pushed past Adam’s lips. “I like waking up with my cock in your mouth.”

Adam pulled up, pecked a kiss on the tip of Rhone’s dick, and grinned at the man slowly coming awake. “Happy Monday.”

Rhone flexed his hips again and then spread his thighs. “Gonna be a great one with a start like this.” His chuckle turned rough as Adam poked out his tongue and swiped it across his slit. Early ejaculate spread in a muted flavor over Adam’s taste buds, spurring him on. He murmured his appreciation and bent down again, taking more thick cock inside, not stopping until Rhone’s erection owned every space in his mouth. He took the root in hand and jerked it off in tandem with each suck up and down over Rhone’s prick. Searing heat burned through Rhone’s rock-solid dick and took over Adam’s mouth, making him moan with excitement and the need for more. Adam craved knowing every inch and took his time worshipping Rhone’s length, covering every thickly ridged vein from start to end with long, winding licks from his tongue.

“Fuck, baby.” With a jerk of his hips, Rhone punched the headboard and pulled Adam’s hair, clearly fighting coming. “It’s too early for me to hold it back.”

Oh yeah. Adam licked two fingers and slipped his hand between Rhone’s legs. “Give it to me.” He rubbed those moisture-slick tips right behind Rhone’s sac and pressed into the soft patch of skin, almost hard enough to cause pain. He loves it so fucking much. Adam flicked his gaze up, connected to Rhone’s agonized, pale one, and pushed again. “Let it go.”

With a roar, Rhone bowed up in the middle and came so fast, Adam didn’t get a chance to go down on him again. Hot spurts of cum shot up and splashed over Adam’s lips, cheeks, and chin, shocking him frozen for a moment. It wasn’t that Rhone had never come on his face before, but he tended to tell Adam in advance in case Adam wanted to say no.

Adam never said no.

He closed his eyes, savored the final hits of seed landing on his lips, and felt branded all over again.

A heartbeat after everything went still, a hand snaked around Adam’s nape and tugged. Rhone pulled Adam across his chest and angled his head for a leisurely good-morning kiss. Their tongues tangled with a lazy brush here and there, and upon separating their mouths, Rhone kissed Adam’s nose and forehead.

“Sorry about that,” he said, his voice still thick. He used a combination of animal tongue cleaning and the edge of the bedsheet to wipe away the stickiness from Adam’s face. Adam did the same to Rhone in return.

“My brain wasn’t awake enough to give you a warning,” Rhone added, his voice still sounding half-asleep.

Adam preened under the loving attention. “It’s okay.” He turned his face and rubbed against Rhone as the man moved his mouth down Adam’s nape with soft suction. “In a way, I asked for it.”

Rhone pushed back on his pillow and made eye contact with Adam. “By waking me up with a blowjob? Yeah, you kind of did.” He quirked a brow and pinched Adam’s bare ass.

Affecting his best glare, Adam rubbed his left butt cheek. “Ouch. Roll over.” He drew up to his knees and let Rhone shift to his stomach. “I’m not done with you yet.”

After moving onto to his belly, Rhone cradled a pillow under his chest and head and settled into the bedding with a sigh. Adam smiled at the picture of Rhone’s stark white underwear still twisted around his bronzy tan thighs, and was almost reluctant to pull them off and toss them aside. He did, though, and as soon as they cleared Rhone’s feet, the man drew one leg up into a modified butterfly position.

Oh my goodness.

He did make a stunning picture.

Adam’s cock started to stiffen in anticipation of that dark little hole winking from between Rhone’s cheeks, but he ignored the stirring in his prick for the glory that was the rest of Rhone’s body. Muscles bunched in his shoulders, arms, and down either side of his spine, and his buttocks were tight orbs of firm flesh too. His long legs had a light dusting of dark hair, and even his big feet excited Adam.

I want it all.

And Adam could have every inch at his leisure forever. Because Rhone was his…


Copyright Protected Work.
Cameron Dane, Author. Loose Id, publisher.

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