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Loose Id
July 2011

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Loose Id
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War veteran Hunter Tennison returns home physically and emotionally scarred. Unable to bear feeling anything, Hunter uses pain to quiet the chaos and to keep his emotions from destroying him. Hunter dare not risk falling in love. He can’t let anyone get close enough to see the violence inside him.

In business and relationships, Alexander Quick is practical and rational. The first time Alex looks into Hunter’s eyes, he sees the damaged soul within, and adamantly tells himself not to get involved. Too many things could go haywire with a volatile man like Hunter, and Alex doesn’t enter into relationships where he cannot predict the outcome.

Then Alex learns his dearest friend and mentor is ill. The news sends him reeling. Alex suddenly sees his life isn’t as perfect as he thought. An ache for something real and meaningful stirs in Alex, and Hunter’s broken soul draws him in like a beacon on the blackest night.

Two men, one running like hell from love and the other opening himself to the emotion for the first time, collide. Hunter and Alex begin a darkly sexual relationship bound to explode. In the aftermath, can Alex make Hunter believe their love is powerful enough to heal his scars?



Cameron Dane is an author of many talents, but QUICK TO THE HUNT is undoubtedly her most powerful book to date. Hunter and Alex’s story is a roller coaster of pain, loss, struggle and setbacks, but it’s also a book filled with hope, promise and love. QUICK TO THE HUNT isn’t an “easy” book, but it’s a beautiful one. Ms. Dane does Hunter justice by showing just how hard he struggles to cope with the pain and loss he suffered in combat. To make his recovery simple or quick would be a disservice to the character and unrealistic. I appreciated all that Hunter went through, even in the darkest moments of his story…QUICK TO THE HUNT isn’t solely about Hunter’s path to healing. Alex’s life isn’t as easy as it looks on the surface. He’s faced struggles and losses himself, and my heart broke for him almost as much as it did for Hunter… Ms. Dane is one of my favorite authors and QUICK TO THE HUNT showcases her powerhouse talent. QUICK TO THE HUNT is the most emotionally engaging book I’ve read this year…Ms. Dane made me cry, smile and read late into the night with QUICK TO THE HUNT, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.”
-- Lily from Romance Junkies, a 5 blue ribbons review


“Quick to the Hunt is release seven in Cameron Dane’s Hawkins Ranch series. It’s a well-written story…The premise of Hunter’s disorder was not only original but unexpected in a returning soldier. It’s not often that you find an author willing to tackle such a tough PTSD topic but Ms. Dane did and she did it with creative flair, sensitivity and grit. It’s also pretty clear from the details that the author did a great deal of research before beginning. Good job Ms. Dane…Then there are the many well loved characters from numerous previous releases. It was nice seeing them and learning what was happening in their lives. There are also a few new people in town that I bet we’re going to be seeing more of in the future. I for one can never get enough of the people of Quinten and I can’t wait for the next release.”
-- Dragon Minx, from Literary Nymphs Reviews Only, a 4.5 Nymph review


“I love Cameron Dane’s books. Her characters are always likeable, realistically written characters that live long after her books are finished. All of her characters are all flawed and have issues that they have to work through in life to achieve happiness in their life. Ms. Dane’s main characters always have an emotional connection that is often quite beautiful to read. Even the sex between the main characters has an emotional drive and intensity between them that never fails to heat up a room on a cold night. Quick to the Hunt had all of these elements within the story that will make any Cameron Dane fan jump for joy.”
-- Daisiemae, from Night Owl Reviews, a Top Pick review


“Gut-wrenching. Painful. Intense. Dark. Some of the words to describe Cameron Dane’s Quick to the Hunt…Superb descriptions…The chemistry between these two men, both so different, is explosive. To describe the love scenes as hot is as inadequate as describing the sun as the same. It is not enough to say hot or scorching…I shouldn’t have been witness to something as powerful, gripping and just plain carnal as that. I shouldn’t have, but thank Heaven I was…I adore Cameron Dane’s writing. She yanks the reader into the worlds she’s created kicking and screaming, thrusting wave upon wave of emotion on you. There’s no way you can then walk away unscathed…Their story resonated with me on so many personal levels…It’s hard for someone to make you bawl the way Ms. Dane did with Quick to the Hunt and still find yourself asking—nay, begging for more.”
-- Layne, from You Gotta Read Reviews, a You Gotta Read top rating


Quick to the Hunt Excerpt 1: Rated PG

Quick to the Hunt Excerpt 2 - Rated X


Excerpt #1

Note: This sets up the story of each character, and lets you know the tone of the book.




Hunter Tennison had come home at last. Sitting in the kitchen of the house in Quinten, Montana, where he’d grown up, he now listened to his sister, Sarah, and best friend, Jace, catch him up not only on the many changes in town during his time overseas, but also on their new relationship -- that happened to include another man.

All the while, Hunter gave the appearance of slouching back in a relaxed state, grinning in all the right places and contributing here and there when appropriate. Only, on the inside, Hunter silently battled the brewing of a clawing, violent storm, churning with its determination to erupt. The revelation of Sarah having two men in her life didn’t create the chaos within -- although Hunter intended to do his damnedest never to picture the three of them behind closed doors. No brother ever wanted to think about his baby sister with one boyfriend, let alone two, even if Hunter happened to know Jace was one of the finest men on the planet and would protect Sarah with his life. In addition to that, Sarah had written enough about the other guy, a young cowboy named Jasper, for Hunter to believe him a good man too. Didn’t change the erratic pounding in Hunter’s heart or his desire to tear through something -- object or person -- to stifle the storm. Just the opposite. The happier and more animated Sarah got, the harder it became for Hunter to maintain his calm facade.

He could feel the screams pushing their way up his esophagus to do battle against the tingling in his hands to punch holes in walls or tear doors off cabinets. Once started, neither would stop.

I have to get out of here now.

Breathing, breathing, Hunter pushed upright and then stood. “I apologize for cutting you off, Sis.” His voice only scratched a little bit. Thank God some emotion was called for during a reunion, and neither Sarah nor Jace would think it amiss. “But I’ve had a long twenty-four hours of driving to get here, and I’m more tired than I thought I was.” He put a hand over his mouth and feigned a yawn and stretch. “I think I’m gonna go to the motel and take a nap.”

Sarah bolted out of her chair and rounded the table to him. “Are you sure you want to stay at a motel?” She took hold of his hands, bandaged one with fingers missing and all. Her misty stare pushed more tinder onto the ball of fire burning in Hunter’s gut. “Your old room is ready for you. We keep it clean.”

Every ounce of concern radiating off Sarah, not to mention Jace in the background, spurred Hunter to run even faster. Gotta get away.

Beads of sweat pearled under Hunter’s long-sleeved flannel shirt. “I’ve been bunking with other people for too long,” he reminded his sister. “Now I prefer solitude and my own space to breathe.” At least that was the truth.

“Right,” Sarah replied. Hunter watched her deflate and then, so like the Sarah he remembered, regain her smile and push her shoulders back. “I guess I understand that. I said we wouldn’t push.” She squeezed his hands, using the connection to pull him into an embrace. As she slid her arms around his shoulders, hugging him so sweetly it cut Hunter up inside, she rose up and whispered in his ear, “I meant that, Hunter. We’re just happy to have you safe and home.” He could hear the tears in her voice, and it made the swell of emotion inside him so much worse. “I missed you so much.”

His voice catching, Hunter muttered back, “I missed you more than you can know too. I love you, Sis.” Barely getting that admission out without cracking, Hunter pecked a fast kiss high on Sarah’s cheek. “Talk to you soon.” He gave himself a second to clasp Jace’s hand in a firm shake and say a good-bye before hightailing it out of the house and onto the porch.

Hunter stumbled down the steps into blinding rays of sunlight. The damn smell of fresh-cut grass, damp earth, and hints of early blooming flowers assaulted his nose, reminding him of all the wonderful things about settling down in one place and reclaiming a piece of land to call home. This attack on Hunter’s senses combined itself with seeing his sister and best friend again -- along with the home that had a thousand happy memories and one soul-ripping, horrible one -- and had Hunter chanting keep it cool, keep it cool, keep it cool in his head as he ran down the walk toward the gate and his car beyond. He pushed out of the gate and onto the sidewalk, his focus on the object weighing in his right pocket, nearing freedom and a place to use it. Suddenly he barreled into a solid something right in his path, umphing as two bodies collided.

Hands grasped Hunter’s arms, steadying him with a strong grip. “Whoa.” A deep, rich voice, smooth as the strongest bourbon, thickened the crisp spring air. “You’re going about a hundred miles a minute in a strolling-only zone. Are you okay?”

The firm hold on Hunter only added to the chaos building inside him; he jerked away. Automatically rubbing his arms, he instinctually feared this person could feel the damage beneath his clothing. Hunter looked up, intending to apologize. A deep green gaze waited for him, along with a lopsided smile that punched Hunter in the gut. Short, neat blond hair, chiseled cheekbones and jaw that would make any man envious, the man who stood a foot away from Hunter stirred at the volatile pot within Hunter already bubbling too hot. The guy had a tall, tight runner’s body that spoke to everything inside Hunter that responded to other men, when right now Hunter had no place in his life for even the hint of sexual attraction to exist.

Open concern turned the blond’s eyes to the richest forest colors found hidden deep in the Montana mountains. “Are you all right, man?” The guy cupped Hunter’s arm again, and it flooded Hunter with memories of the last time Will had grabbed hold of him nearly eighteen months ago.

No. Don’t think about him. Too much. Too much. Too much.

Licking fingers of chaos edged closer to the surface inside Hunter. He pulled away from this stranger’s touch before it shoved him over the edge, right in front of his childhood home.

“Yeah, sorry,” Hunter mumbled, dragging his stare away from the curiosity in this man. “I wasn’t looking. I didn’t see you. Sorry.” He tucked his head down, backing away until he bumped into the tail end of his car. “I have to go.”

Hunter scrambled around to the driver’s side and climbed in. The deeply tinted windows, which usually calmed him a little bit once he was inside his car, didn’t afford the same luxury today. His sister and Jace could walk outside any second. And for some reason, Hunter could fucking feel the eyes of that stranger still watching him. That piercing green gaze assessed him, judged him, and somehow saw all the wrong things living inside Hunter’s mind and mapped all over his body beneath the cover of his clothes.

Everything within Hunter shouted at him to gun the engine and peel away as fast as his junker of a car could carry him. Instead, against every ounce of adrenaline pushing him, Hunter forced himself to pull away at a sedate pace, fighting the drenching sweat coating his back.


Alex watched the beat-up old car get smaller as it got farther away, disturbed that his hands still tingled with awareness after touching the tall, dark-eyed man with overlong dark hair and facial scruff that pushed well past a five o’clock shadow. The guy’s arms had been rock solid under his shirt, even if the material had hung a little loose on his frame. His shoulders had the width of someone who’d been thicker all over once upon a time but perhaps an illness had thinned him out some recently. Didn’t matter. One look at the man and Alex had known the stranger had a body that would singe hotter than heated coals as it stroked against another hard male frame. Alex could feel his fingers slipping into the back of the man’s jeans and almost moaned as he imagined what that tight ass would feel like against his palms. Against his dick as he slid his rigid length between those firm cheeks.

Whoa. Alex jerked himself back to reality. Back that train up to the station right now.

Alexander Quick did not fantasize about jumping into bed with every man he found attractive. First, it was simply flat-out stupid to assume another man was gay just because it felt like a spark had arced between them when they’d touched. Second, he not only chose his partners carefully, but he also had his private investigator do a thorough background check to make sure no surprises ever occurred during the time they spent together. Alex never thought so little of himself that he assumed every man who expressed an interest in him was only out for his money, nor was he naive or innocent. Sometimes a man only wanted him for however much he could get while he had Alex’s attention and interest, which was even fine on some occasions, as long as Alex knew what he was getting into before he took the man to bed.

Beyond the practicality of Alex’s approach to bed partners, one word had come to his mind when looking into the eyes of that sexy stranger: lost. And Alex did not do rescues. He did not need a puppy. He was past that age of saving another person, but even if he weren’t, he had far too much on his plate right now and didn’t need the distraction of a man. Alex had property he was oh so very close to acquiring, and when he did, he had houses to build.

Which was why he was here. He had his Quinten tour guide to thank. All her hard work would soon pay off for him, and Alex never forgot or left behind the people who helped him grow his business.

Alex turned to stride up Sarah’s walk when the very woman herself burst out through her front door. Big, overpowering Jace followed at a steadier pace.

“Alex. Hi.” Sarah traipsed down the steps to his side, her flight looking as if she moved on air. “Did you meet my brother? Shoot.” Her glance strayed down the road. “I saw you from the window and was hoping to get out here before he left.”

What the fuck? Alex stared down the empty street, his stomach clenching for all new reasons. “That was Hunter?” Shit. Sarah was actually very quiet and reserved regarding the information she shared about her brother, but Hunter was one of three men whose names were spoken around town with a combination of worry and pride. He was one of the people who made the many men and women fighting in the Middle East real to this community. It seemed every family in Quinten had taken the men into their hearts and families.

I’ve only known one other man people called a hero.

Alex’s chest swelled with ridiculous love as he thought about Mack.

“Yep, that was Hunter,” Sarah replied. “Can you believe it? He’s home. And he says he’s staying for good.” As fresh and open as anything Alex had ever seen, Sarah couldn’t seem to remain still. Her bare feet were damp with flecks of moist earth, and her long, dark hair lifted in the gentle breeze.

Now that Alex looked more closely, he could see the resemblance between Sarah and the man who’d just run into him. The deep brown eyes were the same color, and they tilted slightly upward at the edges in the same manner too; both also had a similar shape to their mouths, a shared symmetry between the upper and lower lips that was unique. Only these eyes before Alex now danced with light and laughter, while the others had burned with darkness. This mouth was turned upward, while the other had been set in a line that had matched the tightness Alex had felt in their brief moments of contact.

What was that all about? That man Alex had collided with had not been jubilant and had not possessed an ounce of the excitement Sarah clearly could not contain. Why? No. Don’t ask. Don’t kill her joy. You have no right.

Leaning in, Alex gave his new friend a quick hug. “I’m happy for you, Sarah.” A series of small cuts on her cheek reminded him her last few days had been extremely difficult and frightening. Caught in a maniac’s attempt to flee Quinten, Sarah had been briefly turned into a human shield. “And I’m glad you’re okay too.” He fingered the little nicks on her face.

In an instant, Jace moved in behind Sarah. His pale jade gaze turned downright icy. He slipped his arm around Sarah’s waist and tugged her to his chest. “Quick.” He bit that greeting out through clenched teeth.

Alex swallowed down his laugh. “Come on, Deputy.” God, he’d told the man he was gay. What more did the guy need to hear? “I thought we’d gotten to the point where you were going to start calling me Alex.”

“Maybe when you stop touching my woman so freely, I will,” Jace said with a growl.
Sarah rolled her eyes but also smiled. “Forgive him.” She rubbed Jace’s forearm, and Alex swore he could see Jace’s hackles settle. “He’s had a fright.”

Simultaneously Jace uttered, “A fright, woman?” as if Sarah had grievously insulted him, as Alex said, “I know.”

It hadn’t taken two minutes of their first meeting for Alex to see Jace was completely in love with Sarah. At the time, he’d also seen the clear commitment Sarah and Jasper had between them. What Alex hadn’t deciphered was Jace and Jasper’s attraction to each other, in addition to Sarah’s love for both men, binding them all together. That had thrown the whole town for a loop. For Alex it was refreshing to know he could still be surprised in this world. Until seeing the three of them together, he hadn’t realized just how jaded and detached he’d become. Especially about relationships.

Maybe that’s why you haven’t had one in over a year.

“Do you have good news?” Sarah asked, her excitement drawing Alex back into the moment. “Did you get agreements from everyone to sell?”

Alex had come to Quinten to buy three small ranches that butted up against one another just outside of town. “Indeed I did. That’s why I’m here.” He couldn’t help standing up a little straighter or from keeping the smile off his face. “Compton, Michaels, and Sandavow have all agreed to my offers. We’ll sign the contracts next week.”

“Congratulations!” Breaking from Jace, Sarah lifted her arms in victory, and then gave Alex a fast hug. “I can’t wait to see the beautiful homes you create.”

Jace actually stepped forward and held out his hand. “Congratulations, Quick.”

“Thank you.” The pleasure in Sarah and then the firm handshake from Jace filled Alex with a swift flood of warmth and affection, something he never let invade his work. What the hell? He could and often was affable -- being easy around people was part of what made him so successful at his job -- but business was still just that -- business. You’re adding to your empire, not looking for a best friend. Get your focus back.

Shaking himself mentally, Alex put his attention on Sarah. “Now I just need you to tell me what you want for your commission. Name it and it’s yours.”

Sarah lifted her hands out in front of her and even took a step backward. “No. I don’t want a gift.” Her brows pulled, creating furrow lines above her nose. “I didn’t do anything.”

“You damn well did,” Alex argued. “I wouldn’t have acquired this land so fast without you.” Inside his pocket right then, vibrations hummed against his thigh, indicating a phone call. “Start thinking about it,” he added as he stepped away. “I’ll be right back.”

With his mind still on Sarah, and even Jace, Alex didn’t bother to check the screen for a name before answering the phone. “Hello. Alexander Quick speaking,” he automatically said, putting a finger to his ear as a pickup truck gunned to life across the street.

“Hey, Alex darlin’.” A distinct, feminine, southern twang instantly transported Alex back to his childhood -- and sent a chill down his spine. “It’s Helen Shreveport. You remember me?”

Everything around Alex sucked away, and he felt as if he stood in a void. “What is it?” he asked, his throat already making his voice gruff.

“You told me to call if something ever happened, and I never forgot. I never lost your phone number.” Helen wheezed a bit as she spoke. “Mack ain’t gonna call you hisself, but he’s in a bad way right now. The VA clinic transferred him to a hospital in Atlanta. He’s gonna bust out and come home as soon as he can, but I got a cousin who works up there, and she told me his heart ain’t so good anymore. He’s got some problems with his gut too. I’m thinking he’s been staying alive on pure stubbornness. Not sure how much longer God’s gonna let him keep that up.”

Panic waged a war against the usual calm inside Alex. Thank God his years of education and training automatically kicked in and allowed his mind to home in on one productive goal. “I’ll be on a plane tonight.” In his head, he already began making a list of people he would need to call while packing and finding a flight. “Thank you for calling me.”

“You were always a good boy,” Helen replied. “And I know how much you love that ornery goat.”

“I’ll be there soon,” Alex said and hung up.

Son of a bitch. You bastard. How could you hide this from me? Alex’s hands itched to strangle the man. “Listen” -- Alex turned back up the walk to Sarah and Jace -- “something I can’t ignore has come up, so we’re going to have to put this celebration on hold. But be thinking about what you want as a thank-you, because we will revisit the subject.”

“Is everything okay?” Sarah rubbed his arm, and God, that fucking warm sense of connection attacked Alex again. “Are you okay?”

“You look a little agitated, Alex,” Jace added. His not referring to Alex as Quick pricked another sweet pain in Alex’s chest. “Do you need help with something?”

“No. Thank you, though. I’m getting called out of town unexpectedly, and it’s something I can’t ignore. Don’t worry.” Alex had to back away before these unprovoked acts of friendship mingled with his fear and worry about Mack and pushed him over the edge. “Those contracts will get signed, and Quick Holdings will start prepping some of the land for building new homes. I’ll let you know when I’m back in town.” He waved from over the hood of his car. “Bye.”

Without another word or looking back, Alex climbed into his car and drove away, using years of driving experience and instinct to get him back to the motel. What the hell, Mack? Helen had been right. Ornery was the perfect word to describe the guy Alex called old man. Once upon a time, when Mack had been much too young for the moniker, Alex had done it to tease, as a way to test their budding, yet still tentative, friendship that had slowly grown during Alex’s teen years. Now he did it out of complete devotion to a good man.

Mack was also the first, and possibly the only man, Alex had ever loved.

* * * * *

Steady, Tenny. Steady. Hunter gripped the steering wheel with such power he thought he might fuse his hands to the leather. Just a little bit longer.

Suppressed emotion squeezed Hunter’s heart so tightly though, he thought it might kill him. Tears slammed against the backs of his eyes, wanting to get out, making it difficult to see.

I can’t wait. I need it now.

The moment Hunter reached a secluded stretch of road -- he had driven away from town after leaving his sister rather than toward it -- he pulled the car onto the shoulder and then beyond, into the cover of trees. He tore at his shirt, ripping it open and off one arm, and then dug into his pocket with his other hand. The barest, first inklings of relief hit him when his fingers closed around a cold metal object. Withdrawing it, Hunter tensed his arm muscles, anticipating first contact.

Click. The sound ricocheted through the car. Shadows prevented any light from reflecting against the knife’s pristine blade once it came out of its protective base, but that didn’t matter. Just the sound of the blade emerging allowed Hunter to believe relief would soon be at hand. As the overwhelming emotions from seeing Sarah and Jace again after so many years bubbled up in him again, he put the knife against his upper arm, blade kissing his skin. His hand shook, and he chastised himself for the weakness, but a drive inside pushed him forward relentlessly. Hunter pressed the sharp metal into his flesh and sliced a short, clean line into his upper arm.

Ahh! Damn it. Damn it. Heat and acute, concentrated pain rushed to the opened skin, and Hunter exhaled as blood started to seep out and form a row of tiny beads. The burn in Hunter’s arm grew, but it wasn’t nearly fast enough; he could still feel the swell of unchecked emotion fighting to escape. He quickly drew the blade across his arm again, and then a third time, cutting himself open repeatedly, until finally the fire consuming his arm from the flayed skin demanded Hunter’s total focus in order to keep from crying out in pain. Hunter clenched his fist again and again, watching and gritting his teeth as lines of red streaked down his arm, reminding him life still flowed through him even if he couldn’t bear to feel it anymore.

Hunter had held it together at his old house for a remarkably long time today, considering the years that had passed since seeing his sister in person. Since being able to hug her or touch her cheek or hair. Once upon a time, Hunter had been able to do that with ease, but he wasn’t that young man -- that kid -- anymore. Multiple tours of duty in the Middle East, attaching to too many people just to watch them die, had fundamentally changed his identity.

As Hunter rose above the screeching pain lighting up and down his arm, he finally started to breathe easier. The injury he’d inflicted on himself hadn’t worn him down. He hadn’t broken under the pressure. And he’d survived reuniting with his sister and best friend without losing his shit. As Hunter reached into the glove compartment to get the antiseptic and gauze to clean and bandage his cuts, he accepted without panicking he would successfully live for another day.

Still, nobody could ever know that most of the scars riddling Hunter’s body had nothing to do with engaging the enemy during his time in Afghanistan and Iraq. …


Excerpt #2

Note: This is just a tiny tease of Hunter and Alex losing the battle with their attraction to each other and finally succumbing to the desire between them.


The screech of tires spinning made Alex snap his attention up from the paperwork spread across the table in his trailer. A door slammed, the sound right next to his open window, and Alex forgot about the proposal and blueprints for an addition of new bungalows to a hotel Quick Holdings owned on an island off the coast of Georgia. He tossed his reading glasses on the table and searched for his shirt -- where the hell did I throw it? -- when banging on his door threw propriety out the window.

Shirt forgotten, Alex yanked open the door. “What the hell?” died on his lips the second he spotted the man on the other side. Oh dear God in heaven. His mouth watering, Alex sucked in a sharp breath at the sight of a fully clothed Hunter that somehow translated in Alex’s mind to stark, hard, and gloriously nude. Alex quickly read untamed and savage in the black orbs taking over Hunter’s eyes, and automatically took a step back just as Hunter invaded the trailer.

The man’s presence consumed the small space, seemed to shrink it by half, but Alex could only focus on the mass of solid male filling his vision. Alex’s legs hit the edge of the table, and his rapidly thickening cock, trapped behind his jeans, bumped into an equally hard bulge when Hunter stalked into Alex’s personal space. Shit.

Their erections grazed against one another a second time. Hunter looked away for a moment, trembling visibly. When he came back, he scorched the entire trailer with one dark look. “Tell me now,” he uttered, his meaning crystal clear. His glove- and gauze-covered hands hovered oh so close, right at Alex’s hips, but didn’t so much as brush against fabric let alone bare flesh. Raw hunger filled his stare. “Once I start, I won’t stop.”

Son of a bitch, yes. Every breath Alex took filled his nose -- his entire being -- with the musky smells of sweat and sex radiating off Hunter like a predator marking the area. He came.

Hunter leaned in and growled, his nostrils flaring as if Alex possessed an equally intoxicating scent. Their noses almost touching, able to feel each exhale the other took, Hunter met Alex’s gaze with something animalistic in his. “Tell me.” His lips barely moved with his command.

Unbidden, Alex’s passage clenched and then throbbed, his body telling him the answer it wanted him to give. Oh hell. His heart pounding like a motherfucking freight train, Alex caressed Hunter’s stubbly jaw and took a tentative step forward into the unknown.

“Whatever you want to do to me” -- Alex rubbed his thumb over the hard line of Hunter’s mouth, and his voice caught in a way it never had before -- “I want too.” Eyes locked on Hunter, Alex moved his fingers over the cutting slash of Hunter’s cheek and noticed a tremor in his hand as he touched the lines fanning from the corner of this beautiful man’s eyes. “I think I want it more.”

With a rough groan, Hunter slashed his mouth across Alex’s and took him with a dominating kiss. He grabbed on to Alex’s hips and yanked his body in tightly, wasting no time in grinding their cocks into one another with as much force and aggression as he used to thrust his tongue past Alex’s lips and claim ownership of his mouth. Hunter licked deeply and bit hard enough to nick skin, and Alex barely held on for the ride. He curled his fingers into Hunter’s shirt and tried to get a taste of this man he’d fantasized about from the second they’d met, but Hunter shoved Alex’s arms back down to his sides and held them there while plundering his mouth as if Alex were a piece of succulent fruit and Hunter hadn’t eaten a morsel in years.

Alex had never been with someone so aggressively domineering, but every time Hunter dug his fingers into Alex’s wrists, holding Alex prisoner as he stole another wet, openmouthed kiss, Alex’s heart rate kicked up another dozen notches and his cock jammed harder and fuller against his zipper, demanding release.

Biting back hard enough to surely sting, Alex struggled against Hunter’s hold and managed to free his hands. “My jeans,” he said while fumbling with the button and zipper, his sudden need making him clumsy. “Pull me out.” Sucking in choppy breath after choppy breath, Alex wanted to scream when the zipper jammed midpull. “Oh fuck.” He bit his lip as Hunter shoved Alex’s hands aside and took over the task. “My cock is killing me.”

It didn’t take but a moment for Hunter to rip the zipper off one side of its track and get Alex’s jeans open that way, rather than wrestle with the stubborn metal teeth for a moment longer. Within another split second, Hunter tore Alex’s pants down to his hips and captured his prick in his grip before it had entirely sprung free from his clothes. Alex moaned and jerked under Hunter’s hold, and his shaft somehow thickened even more in the man’s gauze-covered hand. Alex looked up and for just a heartbeat thought he saw right into the depths of Hunter’s soul. Darkness lived far deeper than the color of his eyes, yet the saturation of vulnerability stole Alex’s ability to speak. Alex moved to cup Hunter’s face, but the man grabbed his wrist and pushed Alex’s arm back to his side once more.

Alex parted his lips to speak, and Hunter swooped in with another ferocious kiss. He forced Alex’s jaw wide apart, tangled their tongues in a masterful battle, and added stroking Alex’s prick into the mix. Hunter dragged Alex straight back into a place of guttural need where everything but the two of them mating ceased to exist. Alex barely stood up under the onslaught of Hunter’s sensual attack, yet he churned his hips with every rub along his cock, pushing into the contact with a silent plea for more.

“Jesus,” Hunter said roughly. With his forehead pressed to Alex’s, he dropped his stare to his bandaged hand working over Alex’s prick. Hunter reached under and rubbed his blunt fingers over Alex’s sac, making Alex gasp and pump his hips. Alex’s body produced a fat bead of early seed, proof of his desire. Hunter looked up, and something that might have been a grin briefly graced his lips. “You’re so goddamn responsive.” He grazed his thumb across Alex’s slit, smearing the precum all around the mushroom head.

“Not usually like this.” Alex couldn’t stop thrusting his cock into Hunter’s hold. His entire body felt like flames licked at his skin from the inside and out. Meeting the intensity in Hunter’s gaze tightened Alex’s throat and dragged complete, rare honesty from within. “Not until tonight.”

Right then Hunter reached even farther back and teased Alex’s pucker, inciting the virgin muscle to flutter and pulse.

Alex keened and sucked his lip, his stare locked on Hunter, and whispered, “Not until you.” ….


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Cameron Dane, author. Loose Id, publisher.

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