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Loose Id - The publisher who gave me my first contract, and who I still love working with to this day. LOVE!

LS Books - Formerly Liquid Silver Books. Same great publisher, new website, lots of sales and even some freebies occasionally. Check them out!

Amazon - All of my ebooks and print books are available at Amazon.

Barnes & Noble - all of my ebooks and print books are also available at B&N.

ARe - All Romance Ebooks. A great website. All of my ebooks are available from them. Sign up for their newsletter. They will often have sales that give you great deals back with each book purchased, and they have lots of freebies too.

Kobo - Another place to find my books. Check them out!

Previously TV - Lots of snarky recaps of current television shows. Even better forums. I’m often lurking in the forums of my favorite shows there, checking to see if other people view scenes, stories, and characters from television the same way I do.

Rob Has A Website - Rob Cesternino, former Survivor contestant, has many, many podcasts where he talks reality TV, breaks episodes down, and lots of other fun nonsense too. Great to have on in the background when getting chores or other things done around the house. Love Rob.

Post Show Recaps - A sister site to Rob’s website, this is where Rob and his various co-hosts break down scripted television, such as Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Orphan Black, etc. Another fun way to see how others interpreted programming, verses how you did as a viewer. Check it out!


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