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Loose Id
July 2009

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Loose Id
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Can a house possess a soul and want two men to fall in love?

The sight of the red door saves Colin Baxter in his dream, but very quickly a man appears and the dream becomes something of raw sexual need with a person Colin can’t identify. He just knows the man needs him, and Colin aches to heal his lover…even if the man doesn’t really exist.

Marek Donovan just wants to be left alone to lick his wounds and recover from a terrible loss. The rundown house in Fiji suits his minimal needs just fine. He doesn’t want to face the world again, and on a small, secluded island figures he’s safe from everyone and everything. Particularly guilt from his past.

Dreams of this nameless man and his house plague Colin for two years, but he’s come to care about his phantom lover so deeply he doesn’t want them to end. Then Colin visits Fiji and comes face-to-face with the house from his visions, prompting him to believe these dreams just might be his destiny.

Colin knocks on the door, determined to find answers.

He doesn’t expect the man who answers to be someone he already knows.


“…stunning Dreaming in Color. Cameron Dane is a master at creating characters who grab your heart in such a way that you cannot stop reading until they find happiness…Quite simply, I loved Dreaming in Color. All of the characters come to life on the page, giving them a realistic feel and making the story all the more compelling…Dreaming in Color is everything I have come to expect from one of Cameron Dane’s books. In short, it’s perfect.”
-- Shayna, from Joyfully Reviewed


“…Cameron is such a wonderful story teller. I fell in love with Colin and Marek from the start and know you will too. Yes, the sex is explosive but the emotion that Cameron will pull out of you with merely her words is what will tie you to this book and author…”
-- Martha Warner, Just Me & You blog


“…Cameron Dane is an awesome writer who is not afraid to take on the harder topics, and what is more difficult than getting past a personal injury or betrayal? The characters are dynamic and I love how she gave the house a personality of its own. There is a lot of great dialogue and smokin' hot sex scenes make the story well rounded and a must read.”
-- Vallerianna from Night Owl Romance Reviews, a 4.5 Top Pick


“This is a very interesting concept for a story and is handled with skill by Ms. Dane…The entire cast of characters was entertaining and the love story at the center was captivating. Colin and Marek aren't your typical romantic leads and the story had a fresh feel to it…The dream aspect was a great plot device…The intricately woven threads of their pasts, known to one man but hidden from the other, had me tearing up. I really loved Colin and Marek and I was so sad to see the end coming. Now I'm off to paint my door red because I want what these men have!”
-- Hayley from Fallen Angel Reviews, A 5 Angel *Recommended Read*


“…Dreaming in Color is a book you won’t soon forget. Cameron Dane has delivered an emotionally charged book with characters that steal your heart. Colin has a warm infectious personality that soaks into everyone around him. His romantic spirit makes him the perfect person for Marek. Marek has known pain on many levels, and the idea of not having Colin after living so many years as a hermit equates to taking a punch from Tyson…Ms. Dane brings all the elements together in this story, grabbing your attention in a death grip while refusing to let go. Dreaming in Color has a fantastic backdrop, strong characters, a believable plot, and enough passionate lovemaking to keep your heart aflutter. Dreaming in Color is about second chances, lost opportunities, healing old wounds, and relearning the true meaning of love. Pick up a copy - you’ll be glad that you did.”
-- Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews Only, a 5 Nymph review


“…one of Cameron Dane’s best…What makes the tale most enjoyable…the chemistry between the characters Colin and Marek. The way Dane portrays their interaction and intimacy rivals even the most popular romance titles and surpasses the quality of quite a few that I’ve read myself.”
-- Gordon, from Bitten By Books reviews.


Dreaming In Color Excerpt: X-Rated



Oh God, I’m drowning.

The swirling tentacles of the undertow wrapped themselves around Colin Baxter’s legs and tugged, trying to pull him under the raging waves of water. Surrounded by a sea of moonlit sapphire blue, Colin fought to stay above the tide.

Swim, damn it, swim. You know how to do it.

Colin treaded water, turning in a circle, frantic for a direction in which to go.

A beacon of red suddenly showed itself in the distance, as if beckoning Colin home.

The flash of color disappeared with one blink of Colin’s eyes, but it no longer mattered. His arms and legs could now feel the location to which he was supposed to swim. Colin wasted no time and started swimming freestyle toward an endpoint that existed only in his mind. Swells of water pushed him halfway backward for every ten strokes he progressed; after what seemed like hours, Colin slowed, his body battered in a way that brought back nightmares from long ago.

“Help me,” a rough male voice rippled across the night sky.

Colin jerked and whipped his head around, searching for a body to go with the words he had heard. Nothing. Just water and more water, illuminated by the light of a bright, full moon.

Exhausted, wanting to give up and sink to the bottom of the ocean, Colin gritted his teeth; something inside him refused to slip under the water. The strange pull of the suspended red object drove him to move once again. His muscles screamed with every churn of his arms and kick of his legs, but he could not stop. Something beyond his ability to physically endure drove him forward, swimming toward…nothing.

“Help me.” Ragged desperation laced the male voice again, haunting Colin.

Angering him too.

Revived emotions gave fuel to Colin’s depleted body. Maybe if you help me, buddy, I could help you. Colin could only think the snapping retort in his mind. His burning lungs would not allow him to speak.

A white light flashed through the night sky right then, and everything moved in fast-forward, like in a film. Colin existed in a place of limbo, floating above his body. He saw quick snapshots of himself swimming, making progress toward a shoreline as the night sky changed with stop-motion progression and became a blindingly sunny afternoon.

Crashing down into his own body once again, Colin fell face-first into pure white sand, the warmth of which seeped into his nakedness and slowly brought his chilled body back to life. Colin’s lungs heaved, and he sucked in great gulps of air, greedy for the oxygen. As his breathing returned to normal, he pulled his arms and legs under him and stood. He looked up, and his knees nearly collapsed him right back down to the sand.

In front of him, a colonial-style home sat up off the beach. Painted pristine white with black shutters, it had an unusual blue tile roof. Above the door, a rectangular stained glass window shone bright with multiple colors, but Colin barely took note of the design. The door itself commanded his full attention, gleaming in the sunlight with its shiny coat of bright red paint.

“Holy shit.” Colin blinked, certain the home must be a mirage. He opened his eyes, and there it still stood. And that door. That fucking cherry red door filled his vision.

His legs no longer lethargic, Colin trekked up the beach to a sandy path surrounded by tropical greenery on either side and stopped at the bottom of the steps of the majestic porch. He walked up the stairs slowly, mindful of the smooth wood under his feet, as well as the cool metal of the railing under his hand. Reaching the landing, he planted his foot, and the creak of the porch caught his attention, drawing forth a smile. I’m going to have to remind him again to fix that. The thought not only filled Colin’s brain without hesitation, but also tugged at his heart with a sense of indulgence. Everything, down to the very foundation of the house, spoke to him without words and enveloped him in invisible arms.

Colin crossed the porch and reached out to touch the door, laying his palms flat on the shiny surface. He swore a pulse beat beneath his hands. “How did I see you from so far away?” He leaned in and pressed his forehead to the wood. “Why did you save me?”

A different weight, a very real, male weight, pressed into Colin from behind, trapping him against the door. Hot skin brushed his bare back and warm lips came to rest at his ear. “You’re here. I prayed you would come.” The man spoke with a voice full of gravel, and his breath fanned Colin’s skin, triggering a little shiver.

“I don’t…” Big hands slid down Colin’s sides and over his stomach, rubbing his lower belly and then slipping farther down, circling his cock. With first contact, Colin traded his protest for a moan. The man pressed Colin into the door, stroked his rapidly growing erection, and sent every last confusing thought in Colin’s head into a tailspin. He didn’t know where he was, who owned this house, or why he felt he should walk inside and stake ownership.

At the moment, he no longer cared.

Colin braced his hands high on the door frame and spread his legs so he looked like a big X. He pumped his hips into the rough-skinned hold of the man teasing his cock, forcing greater friction. His cockhead pearled beads of precum with every slide of his dick in the man’s tight-fisted hold, releasing the smell of sex into the already humid air. The unknown man’s prick grew and pressed against the cleft of Colin’s ass, nudging at a place that did not have an opening. Colin’s ass channel pulsed with need, pounding in time with the beating of his throbbing, hard cock.

“Lower.” Colin groaned and shifted, sticking out his ass. “Get it into my hole.”

The guy abruptly let go of Colin’s erection, making Colin whimper with the loss. Quickly, the man slid one hand around Colin’s waist and down into his crease, not stopping until he fingered Colin’s pucker. “I know how to fuck another man.” He growled the words, making them vibrate against the back of Colin’s neck. The man toyed with Colin’s entrance, playing, but didn’t push his finger inside.

Colin bit his cheek to keep from screaming. Good God, he didn’t understand it, but he wanted this anonymous person to fuck him. “Then do it.” Colin bumped back into the muscular body. “Please.”

The stranger replaced the tip of his finger with the head of his cock, wrapped his arm around Colin’s waist, and pushed his way inside Colin’s ass. Colin groaned as the thick, hard length stretched his hole and claimed his channel. The man grasped Colin’s hip and started to move, fucking Colin with the smoothest damn slide of cock he had ever experienced. Colin thrust his backside out to meet every measured piercing of this anonymous dick, glorying in the sensations that took over his body and drove him to crave more, no matter that he’d had no preparation for the taking at all.

Dropping his head and staring at the porch floor, Colin bit his cheek, barely enduring the pleasure of the man behind him, in him, nearly surrounding him. “Oh God…” Colin bore his forehead into the red door and reached back to grab the man’s hips, needing to feel some additional connection but unable to turn his body around. “Who are you?” Colin moaned as that wonderful length filled his ass to the hilt again. “You feel so fucking good.”

“You need to find me.” Muscular, deeply tanned arms engulfed Colin, and a thick wall of chest and flat stomach plastered to his back. “I don’t know where you are.”

Still caught in the tangle of the man’s sexual web, Colin couldn’t think about or feel anything but the intimacy of the fucking. “I’m here.”

“No, you’re not.” Lips pressed into the strands of hair covering the back of Colin’s neck, lingering with a kiss. “I won’t make it without you.” As soon as the words were spoken, the weight, the presence, behind Colin lightened, left his body, and faded away.

* * * * *

“No!” Shooting upright in the darkness of his own bedroom, Colin fought the sensation of drowning once again…as well as the fiercely painful arousal of his body.

With one hand already firmly around his cock and the fingers of the other buried in his ass, Colin dragged his fist up and down his dick in a furious rhythm, pulling his length past the point of pain in agony of release. He struggled to remember pieces of the man from his dream: the vaguely sweaty smell of his skin, the imprint of his palm pressed into Colin’s stomach, the gritty texture of his voice, the length of his cock mastering Colin’s ass.

Colin’s rectum squeezed, as if it recalled the dream too. He shoved his fingers deep into his chute and fucked himself, trying to re-create a three-dimensional picture that was already fading fast. The nerve endings in his prick wanted more of that rough hand so Colin gave his body both, writhing on his bed. He lifted his legs and spread them at an awkward angle, jerking and fucking himself at the same time.

The smell of plant life and ocean filled his nostrils, and a fading hint of the stranger’s lips whispered a touch against the back of his neck. The feel of the man’s lush lower lip lingered and triggered Colin’s release. His passage contracted around his fingers is a series of spasms, and he yanked his cock as he spewed, sending ejaculate spraying in milky lines across his trembling stomach. It took long minutes before Colin came down from the high of orgasm and withdrew his digits from his ass.

His body now sated, Colin remained lying in the dark with cum streaking down his sides, shaking, too disturbed by his dream to move.

One thought filled his head: I just met my future.

* * * * *

Marek Donovan stood on the deck of the boat, staring at the first house the local realtor showed him. Once upon a time, the colonial-style home probably held the envy of the natives and visitors alike, with its size and stature. A dirty stained glass window, in a design that looked like it might be a family crest, sat above the front door. Back in the day, the house had probably been something grand to see.

Today, the porch sagged on one side, the white siding could be mistaken for gray, and there was more than one blue tile shingle missing from the roof. Sad. Pathetic. It was a structural hazard that nobody would come near with a ten-foot pole.

Marek slid on his sunglasses and said, “I’ll take it.”

“But, sir.” The realtor grabbed his arm. “You’ve only glanced in the front door. I haven’t shown you the rooms or grounds. We haven’t discussed price.”

Marek glanced down at the woman’s hand on his arm, and then looked into her eyes. She gasped and stepped away.


“I said, I’ll take it.” Looking at the house one more time, Marek gritted his teeth as the memory from long ago hit him in the gut. “On one condition.” He didn’t wait for the woman to nod. “Hire someone to come in and tear down that goddamned red door. I don’t want to have to look at it again.”

He went below deck to drink a beer in celebration of his new life.

Alone. …


Copyright Protected Work.
Cameron Dane, Author. Loose Id, Publisher.

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