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Liquid Silver
June 2010

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Devlin Morgan and Gradyn Connell have one thing on their minds when they meet in a bar one Friday night in San Francisco. One good, hard fuck.

After the hell he’s been through, Gradyn knows the young man sitting at the end of the bar -- with his sweet nervousness and beautiful face -- is just what he needs. And Gradyn has absolutely no problem getting up to say hello.

Devlin knows inviting muscle-bound, tattooed Gradyn to his motel room is the riskiest thing he’s ever done, but there’s something in the man’s warm green eyes that tells Devlin everything will be all right.

One explosive encounter in Devlin’s room is the plan. Only, it turns out one hot fuck isn’t enough for either man. Dinner afterward leads to another round in bed, and what follows is a weekend together that stirs more emotions than either Devlin or Gradyn ever expected to feel.

Fast forward five years. Devlin has never forgotten Gradyn but he has moved on with his life. That is, until he walks into his sister’s workplace and comes face to face with the man from his wild weekend in San Francisco.

Except, this man is calling himself Garrick Langley. This man is a shell of the man Devlin remembers and hardly looks like the same person. And the biggest kick in Devlin’s gut?

This Garrick Langley pretends he doesn’t know Devlin at all.

No. Fucking. Way.

Devlin doesn’t care what this man looks like or that he has a new name. Garrick Langley is Gradyn Connell, and they both know it. Devlin is a lot more secure in his own skin now, and he wants answers. This Garrick had better look out because Devlin won’t stop until he uncovers every one of Gradyn’s secrets.



“…one of the most talented, vivid writers of romance…Cameron Dane seized my attention from the very first line of Devlin & Garrick and didn’t let go… Cameron Dane made me not only like Garrick and Devlin, I cared about them. Both men have such distinct, interesting voices that they felt real. And not only did they come to life, they wrapped themselves around my heart; both of them are such good people down to their cores that I absolutely could not resist them… Devlin & Garrick is eroticism, warmth, hope, and romance all wrapped up into one perfect package.
-- Shayna from Joyfully Reviewed, a Joyfully Recommended Read


Devlin & Garrick Excerpt 1: Rated NC-17

Devlin & Garrick Excerpt 2: Rated R


Excerpt # 1: This is part of a flashback to the night Devlin and Gradyn hooked up.


…The motel room door slammed into the wall as it opened. Gradyn, fully in charge, forced Devlin inside and shoved him up against that same wall the second after he kicked the door closed. Both men breathed heavily from the kisses they'd shared on the stairs and in the hallway. Gradyn clutched Devlin's head in his big hands and dipped down, devouring his mouth all over again.

Devlin held onto Gradyn's waist and opened himself up to a hot, wet taking of his mouth, reveling in the big, male body crowding him into the immovable wall at his back. Devlin licked back with equal fervor, tangled his tongue with this other man's, and fused himself to Gradyn. Gradyn's hard cock pressed deeply into Devlin's lower belly, and Devlin wanted nothing so much as to see it and touch it without two layers of clothes between them.

"Lemme…" Devlin pulled at the man's belt with one hand and curled his hand around a thick, solid cock with the other.

Oh shit, it's big.

Gradyn jerked at first contact and then ground himself into the touch. He growled and bit at Devlin's kiss-swollen lips while he snaked his hands down Devlin's back. Gradyn yanked Devlin's shirt out of his jeans, giving some skin on skin contact that had Devlin moaning for more. The man delved his hands under Devlin's shirt and pushed it off over his head, forcing a break in their kiss.

With a low whistle, Gradyn dropped his attention to Devlin's chest and abdomen, took a backward step into the room, and shrugged out of his leather jacket. "Goddamn it, beautiful." He never took his eyes off Devlin as he reached down and unlaced his boots. "Get those jeans off and show me that pretty ass. I need to fuck you."

Adrenaline flooded Devlin with breakneck speed and had him running to the nightstand next to the double bed. "I have the stuff." He fumbled with the finicky drawer hinges, wrestled the thing open, and commanded his fingers to listen to the order from his brain to stop trembling. "I don't know what you want," he rambled as he withdrew a large bottle of lube, "but I think I have everything we could possibly need."

He heard the rustling of clothing as it was presumably being removed and hitting the floor, and then Gradyn said, "I have my own condoms, but I'll need your lube." That smooth, deep voice wrapped around Devlin from across the room, shimmering phantom touches over his bare back. "I only have enough slick for one round, and I can already tell that's not going to be nearly enough with you."

Oh, Jesus. Devlin sucked in a gulp of cleansing air. It's really going to happen. "Okay." Devlin's heart continued to race faster than it ever had, almost burning his chest. He kept his head down and his back turned as he undressed, needing the extra few minutes to gather his nerves. After toeing off his shoes and socks, he finished undoing his belt and slipped off his jeans and boxer briefs.

He breathed, searching for calm again. Shit, though, he'd never been completely naked with a man. Showers in gym class did not qualify as being nude with another guy. At least, not in this sense. It didn't count unless the other guy admired and craved the same things he did.

Suddenly, a furnace of male heat covered Devlin's bare backside. "Fucking incredible," Gradyn murmured at Devlin's ear. His lips grazed Devlin's nape, and a big, calloused hand swept over the hills of Devlin's buttocks. "I knew you'd have a great ass." As Gradyn said that, he slipped a finger into Devlin's crack.

Devlin jumped about a mile into the air and made a very unmanly squeaking noise. He spun and gasped at the vision before him. The crappy lighting in the room did nothing to diminish the specimen of man just a few feet away. Gradyn's shoulders looked a mile wide, and the definition of muscles roping his arms, chest, stomach, and legs proved that he spent more than a little time working out. The indigo tattoo pattern that started on his scalp and worked its way down the side of his face and neck continued over one shoulder, arm, side and leg, all the way to mid-calf. That all seemed irrelevant at this point, though.

It was Gradyn's cock--oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph--it was his cock that got the pinpricks jumping on Devlin's flesh. Fully erect, the thing was thicker than Devlin ever could have imagined, and not without a decent amount of length too. Devlin probably had an extra inch, but he couldn't even get close to the girth of this man. He swallowed. Hard.

Gradyn canted his head and lifted one brow. "You okay, man?"

Devlin jerked his focus up to Gradyn's face. "You surprised me when you came up on me." I can do this. He cleared his throat and took a step forward. "That's all."

A flash of wicked smile lit up the sea of green in Gradyn's eyes. "Good." He snagged Devlin around the waist and yanked him up to his front. Devlin grabbed Gradyn's shoulders just as the man dipped down and whispered, "Because I sure as hell didn't want to walk away." Then he took Devlin with another scorching kiss and tripped him right back onto the bed.

Gradyn came down on top of Devlin, and the solid weight of his body rocked a shockwave clear through Devlin's system. Devlin automatically circled his arms around Gradyn's waist, and with the burn of that bare skin, he quickly started moving his hands over more smooth, solid flesh. He frantically traced his fingers over Gradyn's back, buttocks and legs, unable to stop touching and learning.

"Fuck, I want you," Gradyn said. He groaned for more as he pushed his way into Devlin's mouth with another kiss, brushing a tantalizing hint of tongues. With every lick or jab Gradyn delivered, he rocked his hips into Devlin with increasing intent and made it impossible for Devlin to forget or ignore the man's thick cock. Not that Devlin wanted to but, God, its size and rigidity repeatedly stabbed into the crease of Devlin's inner thigh, and Devlin couldn't stop his passage from clenching each time he imagined that erection trying to force its way into his ass.

Gradyn kept his mouth fused to Devlin's as he reached down and dug his fingers into Devlin's hips, gripping him with brutal power as he forced Devlin's legs further apart. He rubbed his hand down Devlin's prick and gave a shivery-nice caress to his balls before delving deeper and fingering Devlin's asshole. A blunt tip teased Devlin's virgin pucker, and Devlin sucked in an unsteady breath.

"Shit." Gradyn made a humming noise as he gave Devlin's entrance a little more pressure. "I can't wait another second to feel this ass." He reared up to his knees and grabbed a condom off the comforter.

With Gradyn poised to rip open the condom packet, Devlin took another glance at this man's penis--as well as at his clear, unbridled enthusiasm for this coupling--and Devlin suddenly blurted out, "I've never done this before. I've never had a man fuck me."

Gradyn snapped his attention up to Devlin and froze. For a split second, he hung in suspended animation, his dick rearing and nearly ready to go, looking like a predator that could do some serious damage. Then he muttered "Shit" under his breath and shot out of bed. He proceeded to pace the length of the motel room without words. Devlin watched, uncertain but still hard, at the fierceness of this person--this stranger--moving back and forth in a precise, deliberate pattern. An oppressive silence coated the air, but it was not nearly enough to smother the electricity still sparking off every surface of the room.

The man finally came to a stop. Using his hands, Gradyn braced himself against the dresser, his stance wide and his focus still aimed down at the ugly carpet. The sculpted lines of his beautiful back flexed and strained, making the edges of the tattoo wrapped around his shoulder and side ripple with every move. Devlin imagined that Gradyn wanted to yell down the walls, and that he worked to get his frustration--and possible anger--in line.

Devlin could see the front of Gradyn's body reflected in the mirror and took note that he had not lost a bit of his hard-on. His chest moved in steady waves. Devlin stared openly, and the mirror helped give him a complete view of the singular pattern of Gradyn's body art, showing that it was truly spectacular … and a little daunting. He really did not know this man at all.

Abruptly, Gradyn turned and looked at Devlin. "Come here, beautiful." His voice sounded gentle, and he even offered Devlin a half-grin, which sparked a renewed case of excited butterflies in Devlin's stomach. "Bring your lube."

Devlin crawled out of bed, grabbed the bottle off the nightstand, and shuffled to stand in front of Gradyn. Embarrassment at his inexperience, and that he'd falsely led this man to believe they would have a very different experience tonight, kept Devlin's attention glued to the floor.

I'm such an idiot.

"Look at me," Gradyn said. He took the bottle but didn't say another word. Silence sat heavy between them. When Devlin finally looked up, Gradyn, said, "I'm not mad, okay?" He cuffed his big hand around Devlin's neck and put their foreheads together. He continued, the edges of his tone now sounding frayed. "But I fucking need some kind of connection to another man right now. If you can suck me off, and help me come," he curled Devlin's hand around his erection and helped him stroke the stiff length, "I will bend myself over this dresser and let you have at my ass. We'll worry about patience and going slow later." He held Devlin's stare, and pushed their hands between his thighs. "Think you can handle me?"

Devlin tested the weight of Gradyn's sac. Feeling the man respond against his palm, Devlin reclaimed some of his bravado. "Hell, yeah." He gave a gentle squeeze. "I'll even suck your balls."

Gradyn tunneled his fingers into Devlin's hair and moved them in a massaging caress. "I can live with this kind of negotiation." He brushed his lips against Devlin's and then reached back, took hold of the edge of the dresser, and offered a slow, smooth smile. His cock stuck out big and proud, too weighty to point north. He stared at Devlin, and his eyelids fell to half-mast. "Come on, newbie; show me what you've got." …


Excerpt # 2: This is part of a scene in present day that takes place after Devlin has found Gradyn in Redemption going by the name Garrick. Garrick almost thinks he’s out of a sticky situation but the past--in the form of Devlin--catches up to him.


As soon as the soft click reverberated in his ears, and put a fisting clamp of finality on his heart, Garrick slumped against the wall.

That had been close.

Too close.

Time to go.

Garrick rolled his back against the wall until his forehead came to rest on the white painted door. The clearly close-knit group of people on the other side--with Devlin smack in the middle of it--called to Garrick and the desperate loneliness slowly crushing him inside. Keeping all these secrets could drive a man insane faster than a steady diet of psychotropic drugs.

Standing here, Garrick wondered if death was a more welcome alternative.

If someone finds you, and you’re with Devlin, it could mean his life too.

Garrick could never let that happen.

“Bye, Devlin.” Something deep inside Garrick screamed a denial, nearly doubling him over, but he pushed away from the wood and ran down the overly bright hall toward the stairs.

A door slammed, and the sound of bare feet slapping on tile had Garrick running for what felt like his very life. He didn’t have to look back; he didn’t have to hear a voice; he knew Devlin’s presence all the way down to his very foundation. And right now, it scared him to death.

Garrick reached the door with barely a slowdown. He shoved the heels of his hands against the long metal bar, but familiar fingers grabbed him from behind and shoved him face first into the wall.


Devlin moved in behind Garrick and put his mouth to his ear. “You left without saying goodbye. Or did you intend to send me an e-mail?” He caged Garrick in and pressed close, until his full front rode Garrick’s back like a thick blanket on a cold night. “I seem to recall e-mails are more your style.”

“Please.” Garrick only had to breathe, and the contact of their bodies drew out a whimper of dangerous need. “Let me go.” He still possessed the muscles to overpower Devlin, but right now, a kitten had more strength and self-protection than Garrick did.

With one smooth motion, Devlin spun Garrick around to face him, while still keeping him trapped. He straight-armed the wall, and his slightly shorter height somehow felt as if it towered over Garrick. He studied Garrick without wavering, making Garrick feel like a bug pinned to a board.

Then Devlin abruptly leaned in, putting them nearly eye-to-eye. “I don’t know what your game is,” he hissed, “but you will not to come to my town, pretend to be someone else, and then put the moves on my sister.”

“What?” Garrick reared back in horror and smacked his head into the concrete wall. He winced as the sensation of poking pins and needles radiated down his neck and back, but he ignored it, and grabbed Devlin’s shirt. “Devlin, no.”

Devlin touched Garrick’s lips and cheek with the tips of his fingers right then, and completely stole Garrick’s voice.

He continued exploring Garrick’s face, over his forehead, and finally teased the edges of his untamed mane. Devlin’s brow crinkled, and his attention drifted up to his hand, as if dazed. “I’m not used to running my hands through your hair.” He looked Garrick over from top to bottom, and as his focus moved back up, he shook his head, and his voice lost some of its edge. “I don’t know what is real about you anymore. Not even your name.”

Devlin made eye contact again, and he slid his hand down Garrick’s back to his ass. That glint of steel came back to his gaze. “I might not know a whole lot for sure right now, but I fucking know what it feels like to be inside you.” He jerked Garrick to him, and his fingers dug into the crease of Garrick’s jeans, right over his pucker. “And you damned well know it too.”

Pressure from Devlin’s touch scraped a shocking wave of concentrated pleasure against Garrick’s asshole, and he gasped as his passage sucked in with a powerful spasm. The man dug his fingers into Garrick’s crack through his clothes again, and Garrick shot to full life, right there in the hallway, against Devlin’s stomach.

Devlin grinned like a man who understood his power. “That’s right.” He grabbed Garrick’s hand and shoved it between their bodies, forcing it over Devlin’s equally rigid cock.

Memories of Devlin’s shape and physical triggers were embedded in Garrick’s hand. His fingers automatically curled around Devlin’s shaft to the root and then moved under and tugged on his nuts. Devlin moaned the second Garrick touched him, and he jerked with the first handling of his balls.

Devlin lifted his head, made eye contact again, and seared them into one being with just a look. “I remember,” Devlin said. He moved in until their lips were mere centimeters apart, and he whispered roughly, “And you do too.”

Garrick opened his mouth, unsure what to say, and with a damning curse, Devlin claimed it with a taking, violent kiss. He slashed his lips across Garrick’s and sank his tongue inside, owning Garrick in a dominating manner that had Garrick pushing open wider and keening for more. Devlin groaned and swept deeper, tangling his tongue around Garrick’s. He sucked it into his mouth, and Garrick immediately thrust back and drank deeply, needing a piece of Devlin too.

Devlin bit Garrick’s tongue and lips, and he fought for control of the kiss with a power he hadn’t possessed in San Francisco. Garrick cried inside for more of this new Devlin, even as he panicked and pushed back with aggression of his own. Growling, Devlin kept one hand firmly on Garrick’s ass, holding him in place for a raw grinding of their bodies that matched the savagery he used to possess Garrick’s mouth. Devlin shoved his other hand into Garrick’s hair and yanked his head back and to the side, tearing their mouths apart.

Devlin’s breath came in sharp pants, and he held Garrick prisoner with the piercing, pale light in his eyes just as completely as he did with the hand he had plastered to Garrick’s ass. Devlin scraped their mouths together, made them both shiver, and swore gutturally, “Don’t you dare tell me you don’t know who I am. Don’t you dare claim that you don’t recognize the taste of my mouth, or know the shape and texture of every inch of my body.” He pushed his face into Garrick’s throat and inhaled deeply. “God knows I still remember yours.” He licked his way back up to Garrick’s mouth. “No matter what you look like now.”

Garrick had no voice, and no ability to think ahead to his best course of action. He could only feel this man against him right now, and plead in silence for forgiveness.

Devlin muttered, “Damn it, Denny,” and moved in again for another deep plundering.

The second their lips touched, the slam of a door reverberated again and ripped them apart.

Garrick glanced to the left, and Devlin did too. Wyn walked toward them, without pausing, until he stood right beside them. He shifted his attention between Garrick and Devlin, and said, “I suddenly couldn’t remember if I locked my car.”

Liar. He’s a cop, and he came out to check on his friend.

Couldn’t have been better timing for Garrick either. He put his full focus on the shiny tile floor, wiped his mouth, and tried not to notice how much his hand shook. “I-I,” he didn’t dare make eye contact with Devlin again, “I have to go.”

Before Devlin or Wyn could say a word, Garrick managed to choke out a quick “Goodbye,” and without looking up, made it to the stairwell door and pushed through it. As the door eased closed behind him, he heard Wyn say, “Is there something you want to tell me, Dev?”

Garrick picked up the pace and flew down the stairs to his truck.

He didn’t dare stick around to hear Devlin’s response. …


Copyright Protected Work.
Cameron Dane, Author. Liquid Silver Books, Publisher.

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