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Loose Id
Male/Male Contemporary Mystery
February 2011

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Loose Id
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Newly named head of Quinn Security’s investigations wing, retired detective Logan Jeffries believes in law and order. Everything should have its place. A personal life is private and should never interfere with work. A relationship should have its own set of rules too. Logan lives by his own laws, five of them precisely. As long as he follows them, he can maintain complete control, just the way he likes it.

Nate Jordan wishes with everything in him he could say no when asked to work with Logan on his first case. Nate has never forgotten the kindness Logan showed him the night they met. In the three years since, his secret crush has only grown. This partnership has disaster written all over it, but Nate cannot walk away.

Quickly, Logan and Nate delve into their first case. They have a missing socialite to find, and nothing else should occupy Logan’s thoughts. The only problem? Nate is determined and sweet, and working with him awakens Logan’s long dormant desires. Logan has laws, though, and he won’t break them. Not even for the gentlest, sexiest man in the world.

Meanwhile, Nate is falling harder and faster for Logan every minute they spend together. The craziest damn thing is that he thinks he senses attraction under Logan’s controlled facade. While never one to flout the rules, Nate might just have to break every one of Logan’s laws if he hopes to capture the man of his dreams.


“Cameron Dane marries an amazing love story with great suspense in Breaking Logan’s Laws. None outshines the other—each gets equal billing—and I found this to be quite refreshing and satisfying…These complex characters were a revelation to discover…They’re opposites…but they compliment each other perfectly…I loved the love scenes. Salivated, really. Nate and Logan get down and dirty, burning up the sheets with the molten sexual heat between them. Cameron Dane served it the way I liked: nothing left to the imagination. The chemistry between these men was scorching…I never wanted it to end—the story, that is. Breaking Logan’s Laws is definitely an auto re-read for me.”
-- Layne, from You Gotta Read Reviews, a You Gotta Read rating


“There’s nothing sexier than watching an always-in-control man break out of his rigid lifestyle. And Cameron Dane turns the heat on high with Logan. The romance of BREAKING LOGAN’S LAWS is filled with eroticism, longing and heart as Logan discovers that when you meet “the one” there can be no holding back. The sexual tension that builds as Logan wrestles with his desire for Nate is red-hot, but when it boils over? Things go volcanic. Yet, while the heat index of BREAKING LOGAN’S LAWS is nothing to sneeze at, it’s the men at the center of the explosion that give the story its heart…Cameron Dane never fails to deliver and BREAKING LOGAN’S LAWS is no exception. With action, intrigue and sensuality to spare, Nate and Logan’s story is a definite hit that will please old and new fans of Ms. Dane’s work alike.”
-- Lily, a review from Romance Junkies


“…A compelling mystery, two incredibly hot men, and incendiary sex easily make Breaking Logan’s Laws by Cameron Dane the best novel of the Quinn Security series…Nate Jordan and Logan Jeffries are complete opposites, but that is what makes their relationship work…Both men are complex, multi-dimensional protagonists who are appealing and realistic…Ms. Dane keeps the sexual tension high as Nate and Logan circle around their mutual attraction for the first half of the book. The resulting sex between these two dynamic men is highly erotic, and the sex scenes are detailed, varied and quite lengthy…Breaking Logan’s Law by Cameron Dane is a well-plotted and fast-paced read. Nate and Logan are engaging and fascinating characters and their romance is as sweet as it is sexy. Ms. Dane leaves her readers eagerly anticipating the next novel in the Quinn Security series.”
-- Kathy, from BlackRaven’s Reviews


“…Cameron Dane and the Quinn Security series just continue getting better and better. I have been waiting for what seems like forever for Logan and Nate’s story and Breaking Logan’s Laws was well worth it. Let me just say that I LOVE NATE! His character is so well-balanced and endearing, that I don’t see how anyone will not fall in love with him, especially Logan. The storyline is well written with great chemistry between Logan and Nate…Ms. Dane shows that both Logan and Nate have flaws and that they are far from perfect, but they are perfect for each other…The sex scenes are blistering, but there were tender moments, too. The mystery involved with the case they are working on keeps you guessing until the end…Cameron Dane is an auto-buy for me and I can’t wait for the next story…”
-- Skye from Dark Divas Reviews, a 5 Delightful Divas and Recommended Read


“…When I first saw that the latest book in Dane's Quinn Security series was going to feature Logan and Nate, I was ecstatic…Ms. Dane didn't let me down with this installment…Logan reminded me in a way of Gibbs from the TV show, NCIS, with his rules that he used to govern his life (although not quite as crust as Gibbs) and seeing Nate break down those rules one by one was entertaining. I loved the mystery element that was worked into this one…I'm looking forward to more books in the series in the future (fingers crossed) and hope that they are as entertaining and well-written as this one and the previous ones in the series.”
--Dee, from The Romance Reviews


“The laws of the heart may be the hardest but most rewarding to break…When the two are thrown together for days on end, though, sparks fly and they can’t resist. Yet breaking through Logan’s laws may be the toughest fight Nate’s ever had…The couple are good together and fun to watch as they circle around each other before finally admitting their feelings…Breaking Logan’s Laws is a good addition to the series. Fans and newcomers alike should enjoy the heady romance and solid happy ending between two likable and very sexy characters. This is an easy story to recommend.”
--Cactus, from Whipped Cream Reviews


“…Ever waited for a book with such anticipation that you didn’t know what to do with yourself when it finally came out? That was me when I finally held Cameron Dane’s Breaking Logan’s Laws in my hot little paws…I wondered if the book would live up to my expectations…It most definitely does. In Breaking Logan’s Laws, Cameron Dane delivers conflicted love, intense sensuality, and an interesting and well-paced mystery to boot…Let’s talk a little more about the love between our heroes. These two connect on such an elemental level that the sensuality truly took my breath away. The story combines agonizing sweetness with urgent, consuming sexuality, and the results are stunning. Words just about fail me when it comes to summing up the intensity of the love scenes between Nate and Logan…Breaking Logan’s Laws kept me involved on two different levels, because all that blistering mind-numbing sex is accompanied by a very good story. The mystery in Breaking Logan’s Laws is not an afterthought but would stand on its own without the romance…I’ll be waiting once again, as patiently as my demanding self possibly can, for the next book in this series…”
--Bobby from, a 5+ Keeper review


“If you are a fan of Cameron Dane and her Quinn Security Series in particular you will be happy to hear Logan Jefferies and Nate Jordan’s book is out…A little mystery, some danger, hot men, what more can you ask for? I am so happy Cameron Dane and her muse found time to write Logan and Nate’s story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”
--Greendragon, from Night Owl Erotica, a 5 Star, Top Pick review


“…The tension between Logan and Nate is as intense as their true feelings for each other… Breaking Logan’s Laws is a well-constructed story. As Logan and Nate fight their feelings for each other, a dangerous case swirls around them. Dead ends and uncooperative players in this dangerous game of cat and mouse make every page suspenseful and exciting.”
--Nanette, from Joyfully Reviewed


“This book is, so far, the best of the series. It has some pulse-pounding moments and you have to wonder what’s going to happen next.”
--Mr. P., Mrs. Condit & Friends Read Books


Breaking Logan's Laws Excerpt 1: Rated PG

Breaking Logan’s Laws Excerpt 2 - Rated PG-13 to R-ish


Excerpt #1

Note: If you read The Ultimate Kink, Logan briefly refers to having met Nate at Canin’s apartment. This prologue is that first meeting between these two men to which Logan referenced.


Three years ago


Nate Jordan finished shaving the last of the stubble from his jaw, studied his pathetic visage in the mirror, and cursed the razor in his hand.

The dark patches of purple around his eye, down his cheek, and across his jaw had started turning yellow and puke green around the edges, indicating the next stage in the healing process. Rather than focus on that, Nate stared at his reflection, and his stomach churned violently.

You got rid of the one thing covering some of it up.

Seeing the result of his absolute stupidity in all its glory made Nate sick in more ways than one. He couldn’t help remembering the split second of euphoric joy that had lifted him into the clouds when he’d thought he read attraction in his best friend Grady’s beautiful blue eyes. Then, with one touch of his lips to Grady’s, horror and terror became Nate’s world. Fists flew at his face and rained blows all over his body, leaving him bloody, and bruising him black-and-blue. He’d thought Grady cared about him, but Grady’s actions had proven Nate terribly wrong.

You deserved it. You don’t kiss another man out of the blue. No matter how much you thought it looked like he wanted it.

Wetness blurred Nate’s vision. He spun away from the mirror, hating the weakness, and then cursed the fast move as stiffness and soreness throbbed through his bruised body. His heart hurt as much as his body did, reminding him he had lost so much more than his best friend in the last few days.

Stop it! Quit being a pussy. Nate exited the bathroom into an unfamiliar apartment that looked out over a city he didn’t know.

One good thing had come from his beating and subsequent need to leave Minnesota. A new life in Chicago. With a sister he hadn’t spoken to in over a decade.

Kasey. Nate picked up the old stack of letters tied in ribbon, his chest burning with new tightness. I never knew she still loved me when she ran away all those years ago.

Shit, Nate had to laugh. Because he’d thought Kasey had abandoned their family, he’d deliberately not searched for information about her. Until a few days ago -- when his mother had finally shared the letters his sister had written to him over the years -- he’d had no idea Kasey had become a private investigator, now co-owned a prestigious security firm, and had even married.

Nate wandered around her husband Canin’s apartment, amazed a guy he’d never even met until yesterday now allowed him to temporarily live in his place. Canin treated Nate, a total stranger, decently. Just because.

Better than your own father did.

Pulling up short, Nate swore at himself for slipping to a place of self-pity. The past didn’t matter anymore. He had a roof over his head, a fucking nice one too, and he had a chance to get to know his sister again.

A heavy banging on the door suddenly reverberated through the apartment, followed by a rough masculine voice. “Get the fuck up, Quinn, and let me in! It’s Logan! It’s fucking cold, and I don’t want to run by myself.”

As Nate jogged across the apartment, he found himself biting down a smile in response to the surly stranger outside. He swung open the door, and his lips parted to say hello. With one look at the man on the other side, Nate’s voice fled.

Sweet mother. His stomach flipped at the vision of masculinity before him.

“Jesus, Canin, you were supposed…” The dark-haired man in navy sweats and a snug gray sweatshirt braced his weight against the doorjamb. He narrowed his gaze, and it looked like stalks of grass invaded his irises. “You’re not Canin.”

It took a handful of heartbeats for Nate to swallow moisture back into his throat. “I-I’m Nate.” He maintained such a death grip on the door his fingertips hurt. “Canin’s brother-in-law.”

The man quirked up a thick, dark brow. “Oh?”

God. Get a grip on yourself, idiot. He’s just a guy.

Nate commanded his fingers to unclench. “Sorry, yeah. Kasey’s my sister, but I just met Canin yesterday. I can tell by the look on your face you’ve never heard of me.” Heat rushed to Nate’s cheeks. “I’m not from here. That’s probably why.”

“Right. Right.” Licking the edge of his lip, the guy nodded. “I forgot Canin moved into Kasey’s place. I haven’t gotten used to the change in his marriage status. My name is Logan Jeffries. I’m a friend of Canin’s. May I come inside for a minute?” With his hand planted on the door frame, Logan leaned over the threshold. “I could use something to drink.”

“Yeah, sure.” Nate automatically stepped aside and allowed Logan entry. “There’s not much in the kitchen right now.” After shutting the door, Nate walked backward, his eyes on Logan. The man circled the open living room, pausing here and there to examine stuff on an end table or bookshelf. “I could get you a glass of water.”

“That would be good,” Logan replied. “May I use the bathroom?” Now at the short hallway leading to the bedrooms and bathroom, Logan paused and looked up at Nate. “I know where it is.”

“Go for it.” Nate plastered a genial smile on his face. Under his breath, he added, “Don’t forget to check my bag while you’re back there.”

Logan poked his head out from around the corner. “What was that?”

“Nothing.” Nate burned with red again; he could feel it. Busying his jittery hands, he grabbed a glass and turned the tap on full blast. “Just talking to myself.”

The guy barely tipped his mouth up at the edge. “Right.” He kept his focus on Nate, past a point that made Nate’s breathing a little uneasy. Then Logan abruptly said, “Be right back,” and disappeared down the hall.

While Logan took care of business -- and Nate seriously doubted that included taking a piss -- Nate paced the length of the small, high-tech kitchen, mumbling to himself about having been a lot of things in his twenty-five years, well, truthfully, not many things very exciting, but nobody had ever accused him of being a squatter or a thief. This Logan person clearly thought he was.

His ears straining, Nate heard the toilet flush. When Logan reappeared, Nate stood with the man’s water, the glass stretched out in offering.

Once Logan accepted it and took a drink, Nate blurted, “I haven’t stolen anything. I’m allowed to be here.” He rushed into the living room to grab the phone. “You can call Canin to check if you want.”

“No need.” Logan’s even tone, after the casual way he’d cased the joint, kept Nate’s nerves on high alert. “I believe you are Kasey’s brother.” The man took another sip of his water and then lifted the glass in Nate’s direction. “Are you okay?”

“Why?” Nate asked. Then he caught his reflection in the large window behind where Logan stood. “Oh.” His heart sank. Loser. He pities you. Not only had Logan’s presence temporarily taken Nate’s mind off his bruised face, but he’d also forgotten he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Proof of his beating screamed in reds, purples, greens, and yellows. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” Logan came closer, and he barely had to dip down to put them on eye level. “I work in law enforcement; I’m a homicide detective. I can help you, Nate.”

Openly studying Nate’s injuries, Logan reached out and fingered his jaw. At first contact, Nate flinched and jerked away. Part of his response had been a jolt of awareness at this man’s rough hand on him. But equally, Nate had flashed on a big fist slamming into his face, and his heart had jumped into his throat.

“Sorry,” Nate murmured. For once, he thanked the bruising that might cover at least some of his furious blushing. “I didn’t mean anything by pulling away from you.”

“No, I apologize.” Logan stepped back and raised his hands in surrender. “I know better than to touch someone who has been handled the way you clearly have.”

“It was nothing -- just a misunderstanding.” Nate shifted in an attempt to shadow the bulk of the bruising on his face. Not that it mattered. His torso, back, and arms looked like a freak abstract painting too. Without running to the bedroom for a sweater, he couldn’t cover any of it from Logan’s knowing stare. “No need to cause any trouble.”

Logan’s jaw produced a visible tic. “You wouldn’t be starting trouble. You’d be giving me permission to enforce the law.” Nate immediately shook his head again, and Logan finished with, “Canin knows where to find me if you change your mind.”

“I won’t. But thank you.”

“No problem.” Logan set his glass on the bar on his way toward the door. “I have to get going on my run.” Before the man opened the door, he reached his arms toward the ceiling in a stretch. A growl erupted, and his sweatshirt rode up to reveal a hard line of olive-colored stomach. Nate swallowed as he looked. Wow.

Logan dropped his arms, opened the door, and said, “It was good to meet you, Nate.” Something Nate thought resembled a grin -- it definitely had lines too hard to call a smile -- briefly graced Logan’s lips.

“Um…” Nate waved. “Okay.” His tongue felt like cotton, and he suddenly had no idea what to do with his hands. “Bye.”

Logan paused in the hallway. “And, Nate?” Logan didn’t turn, and he kept his head down.

Nate snapped his gaze up from the floor. “Yeah?”

“I didn’t look in your bag. I really did have to take a piss.” Right before swinging the door closed, Logan added, “Take care. Bye.”

Damn it. Nate stood staring at the closed door, his mouth agape. He heard every snarky thing I mumbled.

Nate wished the floor had opened up and swallowed him whole before he’d ever answered the door. Before I ever heard that rough, raw voice.

Nate didn’t understand his reaction to the man. Logan wasn’t even close to traditionally handsome; he possessed blunt, extreme features most would define as harsh. Nate had immediately thought of the word unforgiving the second he’d set eyes on Logan Jeffries. Right on top of that, though, Nate’s physical reaction had translated into: He’s so fucking…male. It radiates out of his pores.

Logan had tongue-tied Nate well beyond his normal shyness. In reality, Logan probably only stood an inch taller than Nate, but something in his wider shoulders, stance, and piercing eyes sold intimidation and sent out signals the receiver picked up and perceived as giant. Detective Logan Jeffries was a man. And Nate had reacted to it on a fundamental level he had not been able to control.

Better figure out a way to get over it. Fast.

Phantom sensations of his former best friend beating the crap out of him rushed crushing pain back into Nate’s bruises and made him stumble. Shit. Grady had some stocky weight behind him, but Nate suspected if a person crossed Logan Jeffries in a way that displeased him, he could put the man in the hospital with a couple of precisely aimed punches.

With the lingering soreness from Grady’s attack still so fresh, Nate vowed to put the overwhelmingly sexy detective out of his mind.

And to stay out of his way.

* * * * *

In the elevator, Logan jabbed the button for the lobby and ordered himself to put Nate Jordan out of his thoughts.

While in the bathroom Logan had made two quick calls, one to Canin, who hadn’t answered, and one to Canin’s brother, Rhone, who had. Rhone had confirmed Nate’s identity for Logan. That call also cleared up Kasey and Canin’s “marriage.” The pair were working a job right now and could not break their covers to share the truth about the sham marriage with Nate.

Logan didn’t laugh at much, but he chuckled in the privacy of the elevator. He’d heard Nate mumbling in that sweetly surly way when the younger man had thought himself alone. Truth was, if Logan hadn’t gotten hold of Canin or Rhone, he damn well would have searched Nate’s bag for evidence of the man’s identity. Christ, the sight of it on the floor in the guest bedroom had severely tempted him anyway, just to see if he could turn up some evidence as to who the hell had beaten the shit out of the guy. Logan’s heart went out to Nate while his blood simultaneously heated righteous fire through his body. Logan could tell just by looking that Nate didn’t have it in him to step on a bug crawling across his floor, let alone defend himself against such a brutal thrashing. Whoever had bruised such a breathtaking body deserved an equal beating.

I wouldn’t mind being the one to do it.

As soon as that thought surged through Logan, he cockblocked it and brought it screeching to a halt. He had a good thing going at home right now; he could not let his desire to help a twenty-something-year-old kid with a sweet ass and a heartbreaking story written all over his face mess it up. If Nate eventually wanted help, his “brother-in-law” was more than capable of handling it. Shit, Nate’s sister could fuck the guy up for him too. Probably better than most men.

Still, as Logan pushed outside and hit the pavement for his run, the prettiest, deepest brown eyes he’d ever seen continued to haunt him.

When he got to work, Logan still couldn’t get Nate Jordan out of his mind.

Fuck. …


Excerpt #2

Note: This is just a little bit of a scene that takes place on the first night after Logan and Nate have been working together all day on their missing person case.


Emerging from his bathroom wrapped in a towel, Logan rubbed his belly, which grumbled in protest of his only picking at his burger and fries. Unfortunately for his gut, Logan had found it impossible to sit across the little hotel room table from Nate and concentrate on eating. His stupid-ass stomach would not slow down the carnival rides going on inside him enough to consume much food. Jeffries, you are, without a doubt, completely and utterly ridiculous. Thirty-six-year-old men with almost two decades’ worth of dealing with some of the worst, most intimidating, remorseless criminals did not get flustered in the face of a handsome twenty-eight-year-old sweetheart of a guy with a tendency toward accidentally mumbling his private thoughts.

Apparently you do now.

With another curse that followed the many he’d spewed at himself in the shower, Logan tunneled his fingers through his freshly washed hair and moved with a heavy limp across the hotel room to his bag. As he unzipped the flap, Logan tried to ignore Nate’s murmurs, which came Logan’s way through the partially closed door adjoining their rooms. Logan did not know what devilry had possessed him when requesting connecting rooms while making reservations late last night. At the time, he’d told himself this setup would more easily allow them to discuss the case. Now Logan could only cling to the comfort that at least Nate wasn’t talking to Declan anymore. To Logan’s relief, that conversation hadn’t lasted much longer than the elevator ride and walk to their rooms.

Unless the kid called again while I was in the shower.

Damn. Logan began to question whether he should have a talk with Nate about getting too close to a family member and possible suspect in an ongoing case. Then he distinctly heard Nate say, “Are you sure you’re okay, Wes?” A short pause followed, and then Nate picked up his side of the conversation again. “Okay. Don’t worry about it. Yeah, I swear it’s cool with me. Hell, it’ll even be fun. I won’t be there, but ask for Dennis. I’ll call him, and he’ll let you in. See you soon. Bye.”

Wait. Nate’s half of that conversation automatically pulled Logan to the connecting door. Wes? Did he mean the Wes that Logan had played a part in helping out of an abusive relationship a year ago? Plus, “See you soon”? What the hell was that about?

Logan slid his hand across the connecting door. As he eased it all the way open, he asked, “Was that Wes from Ver --” Then Logan looked up. Oh, motherfucking shit. Saliva fled from Logan’s mouth at the sight before him, and he could not push the second half of the word Vermont past his lips for anything.

Nate stood at the foot of his bed, a pair of black underwear in his left hand, gloriously, stark naked. Good Christ. Nate possessed a long torso, lanky legs, sleekly muscular arms and chest, tan skin faded with the winter months, and a fucking long cock surrounded by smooth, bare skin. Jesus. Logan didn’t think he’d ever seen such a beautiful male specimen, and he’d definitely never seen a man shaved or waxed everywhere. At least, not in person. In the few seconds his brain did not function to command him to look away, Logan took his fill of the body before him. Of Nate. Of the man Logan had spent too many nights fighting fantasies that began with Logan hearing Nate’s smooth, sexy voice and seeing his handsome face, and ended with waking up sticky from a wet dream.

Swallowing hard, Logan lifted his gaze to Nate’s, unable to stay away from those warm brown eyes. Nate looked back at him with abject horror; Logan could not mistake the pupils taking over his stare or his slack jaw.

Suddenly Nate mumbled “Sorry” and whirled away…only to give Logan a front-row view of his pert little ass. As Nate scrambled into his underwear, Logan could see himself taking the five steps needed into the bedroom, folding Nate over one of the chairs, and eating out his hole and fingering his ass so completely that, by the end, Nate would literally cry for a fucking. Logan actually stepped forward, invading Nate’s space, before seeing his reflection in the mirror, full of aggressive hunger. Angry looking. Shit. He did an about-face and hightailed it back to his room to grab his sweats.

His breathing wildly out of control, Logan silently talked himself down from running right back into Nate’s room and taking the man’s mouth with a soul-stealing kiss.

Nate does not fit your rules. On top of that, he’s too inexperienced and young for where you are in your life. Two things you should seriously consider adding as a new law.

On the other side of the shared hotel room wall, Nate’s bed creaked; Logan assumed as he climbed in. The adjoining door still sat wide open, but Logan didn’t dare risk getting anywhere near it again tonight.

With a soft knock against the wall, Nate spoke, his soft tone carrying to Logan from the other room. “Were you going to ask me about Wes? I heard you mention his name when you came to the door.”

Okay, good. So we’re both going to pretend what just happened didn’t happen.

Exhaling his relief, Logan tossed his towel into the bathroom, quickly finished wiggling into a too-snug pair of sweats, and climbed into bed.

“I overheard you say his name,” Logan admitted as he straightened the case notes he had strewn across the comforter. “Is it Wes from Vermont? I didn’t know you’d kept in touch with him.”

“Yeah, it was Wes Turner. We hit it off at Adam and Rhone’s reception, and -- I don’t know -- we just sort of fell into being e-mail and phone buddies. I think he liked having someone to confide in who wasn’t right there in his face every day, judging his intentions and choices during a rough time. I guess I feel the same. About the judging.” Logan could picture Nate shooting up from his pillows as he quickly added that caveat. “Not that I’ve been through something as difficult as he has.”

“I admit I didn’t stay in touch with Wes.” Logan settled against his headboard. In his mind, the wall didn’t exist between him and Nate, and their bare backs touched as they leaned into one other and shot the breeze. “How is he doing?”

“Okay. Good, even. Only, just now he said he’s moving to Chicago. He’s transferring to the Astor’s Olympus Hotel. He’s coming tomorrow.” A long stretch of silence, wherein Logan wondered if Nate had shared everything he had intended. Then Nate murmured, “I don’t understand it. It’s totally out of the blue.” With those last sentences, for the first time, Nate spoke so quietly Logan almost couldn’t hear him.

“You’re worried about him.” Logan’s chest ached at the softness in Nate’s tone. “I can hear it in your voice.”

“He says he’s ready for a change.”

“You don’t buy it.”

A hollow chuckle traveled through the wall. “I guess I’ll have plenty of time to see it for myself,” Nate shared. “He’s moving in with me.”

“Oh?” Logan just managed to inflect his voice higher, rather than letting it drop growling-low, in line with the thud that hit his stomach. He hated himself for the involuntary response. This had nothing to do with Wes, or the chemistry Logan remembered Nate having with the younger, sensitive man. It had everything to do with himself, and Logan goddamn knew it.

He’d already had to reconcile the possibility of Nate and Wes sharing an apartment a year ago when Quinn Security had given Wes the option of coming into the company to train for their team. This had all gone down right after Ryan dumped Logan, and Nicole found a man she quickly fell in love with and married -- pushing Logan into a mood to possess another person in order to prove Ryan hadn’t meant a damn thing to him. And there Nate had been, right in front of Logan in the aftermath, completely innocent of Logan’s raging desire to own the younger man’s body and soul every second they’d spent in each other’s company in Vermont. After baiting Nate for a good portion of the time leading up to Adam and Rhone’s wedding -- as a way to keep distance between them -- Logan had then become something of a hermit on that trip. In the end, as much as Logan told himself it didn’t matter, he’d started breathing easier when Wes had declared his intentions to stick with his job in Vermont.

“Logan?” Nate called out softly.

Fighting the tremble hearing Nate say his name induced, Logan squeezed his eyes shut and put his hand over his pounding heart. “What is it, Nate?” Christ, his tongue itched to call this man baby.

“You don’t think this has anything to do with Jared, do you?” Nate mentioned Wes’s abuser. “Could he be threatening Wes from prison?”

Logan rolled his head and glanced at the open connecting door, as if that somehow brought him closer to Nate on the other side.

“Do you think Wes would confide in you if that was true?” he asked.

“I think so. He did when it was happening in the beginning. I don’t know.” Nate’s frustrated sigh encapsulated both rooms. “It’s probably nothing. Wes is ready for a change, like he said.”

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Logan waded knee-deep into Nate’s personal business. “Would you like me to check on Jared for you? Make sure he’s staying out of trouble?”

“You don’t have to,” Nate said quickly. “I know how to do that.”

“I didn’t ask if you could do it yourself.” This time, Logan couldn’t have hidden the growl that laced his words for all the money in the world. “I asked if you wanted me to look into it for you.”

“I would like you to.” The agreement left Nate’s mouth and speared straight into Logan’s heart. “I know you’re good at getting people like the guards and warden to trust you. You have a gift with stuff like that.” Nate paused, and Logan held his breath, desperate for anything from this person he could steal for later. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Nate said, “Thank you for offering.”

“I’m happy to help you, Nate.” Christ almighty, put me in the grave right now. Logan couldn’t feel any more like a man than he did in this moment. “All you have to do is ask.”

“You’re a good man, Logan.” A catch in Nate’s voice as he said Logan’s name pulled an answering tug in Logan’s sweats, stirring his body awake again. “I’ve always thought you were.”

A breath-stealing flood of blood, something Logan pleaded to a higher power not to feel, pooled in his cock and pushed his dick hard against his sweats.

Trying his damnedest to ignore his penis, Logan forced out a laugh to cover the groan. “Now you’re just flattering me so we can sleep late tomorrow.”

Nate’s laugh, this one full of his wonderful warmth, danced through the open door and tiptoed across Logan’s naked torso, making him shiver.

“Yeah, I’m trying to butter you up,” Nate called out, an obvious smile in his tone. Logan knew this man well enough to read his joy without seeing his face. “You were the best cop and detective Chicago ever had, and there’s no possible way they could have appreciated your brilliance.” A squeak indicated Nate shifting in bed again. “Does that get me any extra minutes?”

Logan smiled in answer to the grin he imagined Nate wore. “That doesn’t even get you one hit of the Snooze button. You have to do better than that.” Logan sank into the pillows and rubbed his hand across his abdomen, settling it low on his belly. “Try again.”

“I think you’re shrewd and intelligent. And I think you’re strong, Logan,” Nate said, almost in a murmur. “You’re one of the bravest men I know too.” A hint of something filled with smoke laced those words by the end.

Nate’s confession sucked the air from Logan’s body and then squeezed down with the sweetest, crushing pressure around his heart. The man’s voice, so matter-of-fact and somehow shy at the same time, invaded Logan’s bloodstream and surged straight down into his shaft, pushing his member past painful to a place of basic, pure need.

Christ, I’m gonna go straight to hell.

Logan pushed his hand down the front of his sweats anyway and began stroking his straining, rigid cock. …


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